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What Ascendant’s Founder Jeffrey Schneider Thinks about the Modern Work Place

Jeffrey Schneider has been at the helm of Ascendant Capital LLC for a while now. The company is concerned with investments that are a little bit different from the common types. When the business started, they only had a handful of the necessary staff; however, they are now housing more than 30 people in their payroll and have really expanded their capital base and net worth. The growth and success of the company can be attributed to, among other things, the quality of the leadership that Jeffrey Schneider has been playing in the transformation.

When asked what made him think about getting into a different approach at work, he states that he started noticing that the traditional customer was shifting their focus from the companies that simply helped them by delivering their services, and looking into the companies that offered a positive and transformational experience in the process. He started thinking about the changes that would be great for both the customer and the employee. The first of the things that he noted had an issue was employees staying in cubicles. As soon as he changed this concept of seclusion, the output of the company started improving.

He states that humans are social beings, and that making their work place seem like isolation cells is not really the best way to deal with their need to connect with one another. In addition to the need for free interaction, he also noted that when the employees spent the entire day seated down, they were more likely to feel dissatisfied than when they had the freedom to move around. When the office spaces were being created, he made sure that there was as much room for movement as possible to free the mental image of prison from the employees when they thought of work.

He encourages a lot of socialization among the employees stating that when they are allowed to carry out projects in groups, the output will be better. Another recommendation that he makes is that the office space needs to be in a quiet setup. When there is too much commotion in the immediate environment that surrounds the office, productivity lessens and his on Facebook.

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