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Vinod Gupta: A Database Technology Venture Capitalist

Vinod Gupta excelled in his studies in India and the United States. He earned a Bachelor of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT Kharagpur). After completing studies at IIT, Vinod Gupta studied in the United States at the University of Nebraska. Gupta excelled in his studies and earned a Master of Science in Engineering and received a Master of Business Administration in 1971.

Currently, Gupta works as the Managing General Partner of Everest Capital. Gupta brought a considerable amount of experience to the Everest Group. The company helps organizations in the database technology industry with funding and consulting. Previously, Gupta was the founder and CEO of a company he sold for $680 million. Gupta believes that it is necessary to have a staff which is capable of working without supervision, demonstrates dedication, and conducts themselves in an ethical manner for him to carry out tasks which allow him to expand his business. Gupta works on projects based upon the insight he receives from colleagues when there are substantial financial investments required. He pays attention to his feelings when making business decisions. Gupta would advise business owners to pursue their visions for their companies. As a believer in preparation, Gupta feels that it is important for business owners to have the technology to grow their businesses in place to anticipate future needs.

A worldwide marketplace creates avenues for Everest Group products to assist customers in more innovative ways. The database technology industry is an area where Vinod Gupta anticipates growth. He feels the growth of artificial intelligence can lead to expansion in the database industry. GPS technology has a great deal to offer in the future, which can assist in the growth of local database technology.


Vinod Gupta On Expanding Markets

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