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Victoria Doramus Has Found Great Success In Every Business Venture She Had Gone Into

It goes without saying that at this point Victoria Doramus has pretty much seen it all and done it all. She has seen success in numerous endeavours over her extensive career that can only be described as impressive. Victoria Doramus primarily operates in the area of analysis of market trends and operates out of both London, England and New York City, New York. She has found success in this field because she is a person that truly understands how the global market works and knows how to spot the latest trends in the world of consumerism.

Victoria Doramus holds degrees in mass communication and journalism from Boulder’s University of Colorado. She first started her business career in the area of media planning and worked as an assistant at Mindshare. After this, she worked in the consulting area with Stila Cosmetics as well as working collaboratively on integrated campaign projects. After a successful run in this endeavour, Victoria Doramus decided to once again challenge herself and took on a role at Creative Agency where she had the duties of management of scheduling as well as representing the agency at trade shows in which invaluable networking connections were established.

According to IMDB, her impressive career background up to this point led Victoria Doramus to land a position with Trendera as its West Coast Director. She saw great success in this role in terms of being able to implement efforts in the area of sales. It was also under her watch that Trendera was able to establish valuable new business connections as well as building up an impressive presence on social media. Victoria Doramus is also known for the period of time that she spent working for film director Peter Berg. She served for a period of time as his personal assistant and was responsible for helping the Very Bad Things director in managing his daily life and routine.

Victoria Doramus has always had a huge passion for the art and craft of writing. She has an extensive amount of experience in the area of freelancing and has been published in publications such as USA Today, Cosmopolitan and the Huffington Post.

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