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Toronto’s Dr. Cameron Clokie and His Role in Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is a relatively new field. The area, in a broad sense, aims to initiate the body’s own healing mechanism to heal tissues and organs previously thought to be irreparable. Apparently, regenerative medicine’s application is broad. Canada’s Dr. Cameron Clokie has been advocating for the use of regenerative medicine for years now. The doctor has carved a niche for himself as the leading medical practitioner in using regenerative medicine to provide innovative solutions to musculoskeletal reconstruction.

While some people are against the use of regenerative medicine, Dr. Clokie has proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the field is promising. Dr. Clokie performs musculoskeletal reconstruction on selected patients at Toronto General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital. Only eight patients have gone through Dr. Clokie’s regimen, and all of them are pleased with the results. Peter Russel, one of Dr. Clokie’s patients, spots a constructed jawline that looks nothing like it.

In 2003, Russel contracted a benign tumor; consequently, the old man lost a large portion of his jaw. Devastated, Russel inquired of ways he could be assisted. Finally, Russel met Dr. Clokie who reconstructed his jaw. Part of the reconstruction process involves the use a protein that stimulates stem cells to become bone tissues. Unlike the current methods of rebuilding human body parts, regenerative medicine is less complicated, painful and takes fewer hours to be performed. Dr. Clokie conducted a 4-hour operation compared with over 19 hours required for traditional body rebuilding methods; regenerative medicine is a marked improvement. Also, Russel spent only two days in the hospital; patients who undergo conventional procedures stay in the hospital for over two weeks, in addition, they have to make regular visits to the hospital.

Of course, Dr. Clokie’s method is not perfect, but it is close to it. For instance, after the procedure, Russel felt slight numbness his lower jaw. Also, Dr. Clokie states that Russel needed the assistance of a metal rod to aid the movement of his jaw. Otherwise, the procedure is promising.

Presently, Dr. Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. The doctor has vast experience acquired from practice and academic dentistry.

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