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The insight of Filipe Montoro Jens on the Brazilian Economy

Over the years, Brazil has had a strong affiliation between state ownership and the economy. This status quo made it almost unlikely that people like Felipe Montoro Jens would exist in the country. The 1980 debt crisis in Brazil, however, forced the state to adopt a privatization model in the economy. The National Confederation of Industry reported that this was a crucial move in economic development for the Nation.

Privatization has been a long journey. According to Montoro, the 20th century was characteristically defined by a significant state presence in the economy. It was not until 1930 that the concept of privatization drew its infancy breath. A rigorous political crowd loomed over the matter. The proceeding 50 years bore a consistent economic growth for the country.

The National Privatization Program was initiated in 1990. It ushered in the standardized commercial platform proposed by the government. The sectors that initially succumbed to privatization were aeronautical, petrochemical and steel industries. In the year 1995, the government put transportation, electricity, sanitation, banking and telecommunications corporations at the forefront of privatization. This was made possible by the concession law. Years later, in 2004, Public-Private partnerships were approved which propelled the telecommunications industry to full privatization.

The National Economic and Social Development Bank was introduced to serve the new era. BNDES primary duty was to establish the quality of privatization programs and their operations. The institution is had by Montoro as the CFO. His qualification includes his degree in International Management from The American Garvin School of International Management, Thunderbird.

Filipe’s primary role is planning, controlling and being the treasurer of BNDES in Brazil and three other countries. He has been celebrated for his exemplary performance on multiple boards. Seeing as his principal specialty is in infrastructure, his insight on the partnership between Brazil and BNDES is pivotal. He is a patriot who wants only the best for his country’s economy.

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