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The Importance Of ClassDojo

ClassDojo is about a mission to give teachers, students, and parents the ability to create the classrooms they want and transform what education means to students all across the globe. The plan is a simple one and connects the classrooms with not only the teachers and students but the parents as well. Every day the best ideas are showcased by the classrooms.

ClassDojo does not believe the concept of one size fits all is appropriate. They believe the power to create an incredible classroom rests in the hands of the teachers, students, and parents. They also believe when you show people a simple means to accomplish something wonderful by doing the right thing it causes amazing changes. This is how ClassDojo has begun to transform the educational system.

ClassDojo is actually a communications app designed to suit the classroom. It supplies the connection so necessary for teachers, students, and parents, and allows them to share messages, photos, and videos throughout the course of the day. ClassDojo is about everyone working together as a team, sharing in the experience of the classroom, and bringing their ideas to life. The team chooses their own values and skills such as teamwork or creativity. They share their progress and feedback allowing them to build the culture of their classroom together.

ClassDojo messages are able to translate into 35 languages to help students around the world. The school day includes updated streams of videos and pictures and every student, class, and school has their own unique story to share. Original content is easily accessed by the parents and teachers so the students are able to grasp the importance of emotional and social skills. ClassDojo is about helping students achieve success in a classroom they can be proud of and helping to ensure their futures are successful and happy.


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