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The History of OSI Industries

Every dream conceived by the mind can easily achieved as long as the parties put their best into it. When it all began, the OSI Industry was not more than a butcher shop. Out of the hard work and resilience of Otto Kolschowsky, the company has grown to become one of the largest food providers in the globe. OSI Industry is a massive provider of employment. It has employed at least 20,000 individuals throughout it’s 65 branches located in 17 countries. OSI is fit to be described as a premier corporate business.

Immediately after moving into the United States, Otto thought it right to start a butcher shop, with the aim of serving the residents of Chicago. Shortly after, he figured out that expanding it into a wholesale company would be as good. The business would in the year 1928 be rebranded to Otto &Sons. The firm became a significant part of the American Community, not forgetting to mention the economy. For Otto & Sons, only the sky would have been the limit. As the customer base of the McDonald’s expanded, there was a buildup of immense pressure to suppliers such as Otto & Sons to provide products that could be transported to the various McDonald’s new plants.

After establishing a close relationship with the McDonalds, Otto & Sons put in place a product line specially made for McDonald’s in the year 1973. The plant was specially equipped with technology that allowed for the freezing of hamburger (the primary product of McDonald’s.) As part of the company’s transition process, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Industries. This was back in 1975. At the same time, the leadership of the company changed. The Otto sons were in their retirement years. Sheldon Lavin was approached to become a partner in the company back in the year 1975. He would later be named the chief executive officer.

The leadership of Sheldon Lavin has seen the company grow substantially. In a list of the largest private companies that was created by Forbes in 2016, OSI Industry was 58th in position after making a total sale of $6.1 billion. OSI has expanded significantly to other areas such as China, India, and Australia. The last couple of years have seen OSI become the lead provider of quality products. Besides, it has expanded its presence in Europe. For instance, in 2016, it acquired a Dutch company known as Baho Food.


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