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The Busiest Man In Technology: Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier, entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist is a very talented, and diverse professional with very high achievements in regards to Computer Science. He currently lives in California, but was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. Pulier has been instrumental in the development and founding of at least 15 different tech companies. This displays his commitment and extensive contributions to the world of technology and, affinity for detail in regards to Engineering, and the sciences.

Pulier attended college at one of the most competitive Ivy league academic institutes in the United States, Harvard University. While attending Harvard, he majored in English and American literature, and participated in student organizations such as the Harvard Crimson. Pulier, during his work with the Harvard Crimson, acted as an Editor, and Journalist. Also, due to his interest in world of technology, Pulier took additional classes at MIT.

Though Pulier’s area of study in college did not involve any form of Computer Science or Information Systems, Pulier was very experienced in the art of programming and deeply understands the architecture of computer systems. He began programming while in the 4th grade during the 1980’s. This was before most people had personal computers. To date, Pulier has served in many roles within various different companies including Chairman and Chief Director at ServiceMesh Inc., and General Manager/Vice President at Computer Sciences Corporation.

His contributions are not just based in tech, but also in fostering growth within the community. Pulier is a Board of Director at the Painted Turtle, a charity organization. The Painted Turtle holds summer camp every year, that is dedicated to children with terminal illnesses.

Pulier has had a very successful career, and continues to garner prosperity. However, Pulier makes sure to help others in various respects. His contributions are encouraging and his philanthropist work shows that he is extremely dedicated to the community.

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