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Ted Bauman – Tips To Protect Your Wealth

Ted Bauman is a writer as well as an editor at the banyans hills publishing. Currently, he pays close attention to the establishment and implementation of low-risk investment and asset management. When he was young, he worked in various entities including a gas station and a burger shop where he earned significant experience. Having worked under various executives, Ted Bauman has learned the importance of providing wellbeing for all stakeholders in all levels of the working for efficiency, and in all aspects, this has been phenomenal. Ted was born and raised in Washington.

Later on, he enrolled at the Cape Town University in SA where he earned a degree in history and economics. Having spent some quality time with the habitat for humanity, he incepted the slum dwellers international. Currently, this organization operates in more than 35 countries where it serves approximately 14 million people.

Ted has featured in various respected journals worldwide, and he has helped in multiple pieces of research and writings for the SA government as well as European agencies. As an economist, he advocated the keeping of assets and other valuable items away from the financial institutes. This way most of his relatives kept valuable items like gems, cash, collectible and precious metals at their homes. While keeping your asset at home has minimal exposure to risk such as theft, he advocates that using the following security measures is vital.

Home Safe or Lockbox

Investing in a lockbox or the home safe entails using an item that is both water and fireproof. To this end, if you possess large valuables like artwork and guns, Ted Bauman suggest that you purchase an adapted safe that can even be bolted on your floor. Ted further notes that although it humans nature to feel the urge of keeping the most valued items on your eyesight, keeping them in your house is not always advised.

Safe-Deposit Box at the Bank

Bauman says that keep some of your most valued possessions in the bank is more secure when compared to having them in your home. While these items are locked away from your home and out of your site you can always access them anytime you require them. However, the backside of this option is that you will have to cater for its recurrent storage cost.



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