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Ted Bauman gives insights on how to protect your wealth

A degree in economics and history has given Ted Bauman a strong foundation in his career. Ted is an editor at Banyan hill publishing; he joined the company in 2013 and has since been writing weekly newsletters on investment strategies with low-risks.

Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman worked in South Africa in different organizations, for two and a half decades dealing with financial matters. This has helped sharpen his sills, and now understand some of the ways to protect your wealth and some of the signs to look out for before investing.

In one of Ted’s recent articles. Ted Bauman talks about how one can protect their wealth. Ted Bauman has a way of capturing his readers’ attention, writing about finances is not always easy, but Ted has devised a way of ensuring his readers understand the message by using relatable incidences and examples. Follow Ted on Facebook.

Ted recently shared with readers across the globe on how you can safeguard your wealth. Ted recalls a relative who had some cash and precious gems in the house. Ted, however, remembers that all these wealth was in the office and was vulnerable to thieves or even disasters such as fire.

Unfortunately, the relative’s house was destroyed by a fire, and most of this assets were also destroyed. Owing to this experience, Ted gives insights on how to safeguard liquid assets even if the risks seem low. Learn more about Ted on

Invest in a home safe. A home safe ensures that all your valuable possessions are kept safe. Install a waterproof and fireproof safe. Request a customized safe that will suit your needs, for instance; you may want to store your guns; this kind of safe will be different from a person saving cash.

Have a safe deposit box at a bank, one of the secrets to safeguarding your wealth is ensuring it does not stay in one place. Besides, a bank has more security compared to a home when it comes to large amounts of wealth.

Ted, however, advises people, to research about their option well before making a final decision, one of the things to consider before using this method is the insurance. One is required to insure the valuables.


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