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Susan McGalla: The Finest Example of Women Leadership

Many studies have shown that gender-diversity and ethnic-diversity can help the companies to outperform others who are not diverse. It is generally perceived that the diversity in employee base helps the firms to get diverse ideas that become critical for their innovation and growth. It is also observed that companies that are having good gender diversity fail to keep the pattern when it goes to the leadership. It is due to many women fail to give focus, not getting the exposure, or support to reach the leadership level.

This is where the story of Susan McGalla, a leading American businesswoman, become different. She competed with her male counterparts and did not consider herself as someone different from them. This helped McGalla to be extremely competitive and reach the top levels in a quick span of time. She started with American Eagle Outfitters, and all of her colleagues were men. However, when she left the firm, she was the President of American Eagle Outfitters. McGalla thinks that women initiatives and networks can help them to grow and support each other. It would also help them to learn the trends in business.

Interestingly, the networks and initiatives worked hard to prove that women could be good executives as men. These initiatives need the support of other women in business. But, McGalla thinks that the real solution to address it in large extent is executive sponsorship. The high profile women executives should serve as sponsors to aspiring young women to fulfill their career goals. The sponsors can create opportunities for women and help them to move in the ladder.

McGalla started her career in 1994 at American Eagle and Founded P3 Executive Consulting after leaving the retail firm. P3 Executive Consulting is an advisory services firm that focuses on financial and capital market communities to offer both sell-side and buy-side analysis. It also provides comprehensive consulting services in marketing, branding, talent management, retail industry, and more.

McGalla is also working as the VP of Pittsburgh Steelers – the well-known NFL franchise. She takes care of the creative development and business strategy of the team. McGalla completed her graduation in Marketing and Business from Mount Union College before starting her corporate career.

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