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Sportsman and Farmer- Milan Kordestani

He has lived in different places giving him different experiences. Milan Kordestani was born in Stanford, California, and he reached the age of attending school his parents took him to Phillips Brooks Elementary School. In 2009 together with his family, he had to move to London, England due to his parents divorce and while there he joined Eaton Square School. In 2017 he graduated from High school after attending Sacred Heart Preparatory School located in Atherton. Ever since he was young, he showed his go-getting character. At the age of 10, he began riding horses and even falling from the horse he got the courage to ride back to the horse camp.

The National Horseman interviewed Omid Kordestani and according to him what Milan did was surprising as most children can never go back to an animal that has injured them. According to Betts Corp of the National, Horseman Milan showed dedication, hard work, and that he did not fear challenges, a character that has helped him win the blue ribbons, ride world class horses as well as do well in the sport. Milan began riding horses while in Atherton and gradually he climbed the sports ladder and within a short period, he began riding world class horses. In 2015 he won his first leg, and in 2016 he won the Worlds Championship Show. Milan Kordestani is not only active in sports, but he also loves farming.

Milan Kordestani is the creator and the Chief Executive Officer of Milan Farms which was founded when he was in his intermediate year in High school. Mr. Milan is also a writer on the Huffington Post and a student in the San Fransisco Bay area. In 2015 the Milan Farms was born with a primary purpose of creating organic as well as discipline system of raising poultry and growing 100% saffron. The Milan farms are founded on honorable values and their aim is to provide honest products to their clients. Currently, the farm is delivering saffron, mint, as well as organic eggs. The Milan Farm operates in an open ground where they do not hide how they raise their poultry, this has helped them to build their brand name when it comes to animal products and especially poultry products.

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