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Securus Technologies and The Success It Generates By Avoiding Agency Problems

When people build companies or offer products, they should be offering their neck on the line, and they should not be generating agency problems by not paying the price for their suggestions and mistakes. One company right now that has received a lot of praise for how it helps better the society and avoid these agency problems is Securus Technologies. It’s a company known for the advantages, benefits and proven but straightforward ways that it has delivered civil justice in corrections facilities. However, one significant tragedy it has faced lately is the story relating to Robert Johnson, a Sout Carolina native who works at the Lee Correctional Facility.


The Shooting


Employees want to offer the right, best and quality service to their employers, and this is the reason why Robert Johnson offered his all just to give the facility he’s working in the excellent service it needs. One incident, though, that challenged all the energy of Robert is when he confiscated a contraband item. Two weeks later, an intruder came to his house and tried to end his life and his family’s. Fortunately, he was able to cope with this, has recovered from the shooting and has put to justice his shooter, which was a former convict.


It’s comforting to know that Robert Johnson has dedicated himself to making sure that peace and order are assured in the corrections facility, but does he need to put his life at stake? I think there should be a way that we can find an effective strategy to prevent the case that happened to Robert Johnson from happening to other officers. If you’re with me in finding out for this strategy, know that Securus Technologies is already ahead of the curve.


Wireless Containment Solutions


In the Aug 14, 2017 report at Businesswire, we learned that Securus Technologies has just released its Wireless Containment Solutions program. This is one of the most significant ways today that the tragedy of Robert can be prevented. You see, Robert was shot because of a call inside the prison two weeks after he confiscated the contraband. Right now, Wireless Containment Solutions, a million-dollar project, could hang up unwanted phone calls inside the prison. It has a dynamic cell-site simulator kind of system that blocks and filters requests that come through the prison system.


By doing this, the cell officers can come up with ways to get a rapid, dependable and specialist kind of filter that could stop criminals from getting messages across the innate system. Without such calls getting through, no more shoot to call order to officers in prisons. No more stories of Robert Johnson getting shot and being revived by the Divine Forces to fulfill his destiny. That destiny right now comes in the form of working for Securus Technologies, which he is doing right now.



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