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Sam Boraie: A Story of Dedication and Vision

Typical of many American cities in the last half of the twentieth century, property values in New Brunswick, NJ declined, overall interest waned in keeping the city relevant, and people decided that its best days were behind it. However, in 1975, thanks to a wise decision by Johnson & Johnson to remain in New Brunswick, previously uninterested investors began to take notice. Many say that the decision by Johnson & Johnson was the turning point to the revitalization of the New Brunswick, NJ area.

The decision by Johnson & Johnson to keep their headquarters in New Brunswick inspired Boraie Development ( to buy property on Albany Street near downtown. The purchases eventually led to the opening of Albany Street Plaza Tower One in 1988. Following the success of Tower One, a first class office plaza, Albany Street Tower Two opened its doors in 2003, with the One Spring Street condominium opening in 2007.

During the mid-1970s, the progress was slow, yet steady. Rutgers University teamed up with Devco, a development firm and other private companies to create a more robust commercial landscape. Their work, accentuated by the fact that Rutgers University began to rise in stature in their national academic and athletic standings, began to attract younger people to New Brunswick for its proximity to work and play destinations.

In June of 2015, Boraie Development once again contributed to the beauty and economic vitality of the New Brunswick area. The new development, called “The Aspire,” is a luxury rental tower located in the heart of New Brunswick. The interior of this trendy location boasts current design trends found only in modern apartments. The location of The Aspire is mere steps from the New Brunswick train station, adding to the convenience and flair that this property exudes.

Sam Boraie, extending his unbiased generosity, currently sits on the Advisory Board for the non-profit, Elijah’s Promise. Elijah’s Promise works to break the cycle of poverty in the New Brunswick community. Providing thousands of essential meals for the hungry is only a small part of the vision and promise of this much-needed organization that tirelessly works to give everyone access to good food. For more info, check out his profile.


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