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Ryan Seacrest: One of Hollywood’s Busiest Stars and Business Man

Ryan Seacrest is a man who holds at least 10 different jobs. He is a deejay, a television host, runs his own fashion company and even produces a major hit reality show. Seacrest also has a philanthropic foundation and he makes time to do American Idol and Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year. Seacrest is one guy that never quits. Let’s take a look at Seacrest and his busy life.

Ryan Seacrest is a passionate deejay that has own radio show in Los Angeles. This show is syndicated throughout the U.S. and it is called On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He also hosts American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest. His on-air programs can be heard in other places such as his hometown of Atlanta.

Many people probably know Seacrest from American Idol. He appeared on this program from its first season back in 2001. He also had returned for the relaunch of American Idol that took place in 2018. American Idol put Seacrest on the map. He became a household name during that time. The show also helped to get him more exposure for different programs.

Seacrest is now doing Live with Kelly and Ryan. This is a daytime talk show that covers current events and interviews stars. Ryan Seacrest’s inclusion on the show helped to keep the ratings program going and the ratings up. People who enjoy Live, genuinely liked Seacrest’s presence on the show and they keep coming back for more.

Ryan Seacrest even has his philanthropic organization. He has it set up in various Children’s hospitals across the country. The name of it is called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation allows children with conditions to find healing through entertainment. In other words, sick kids can go down to the media centers and pretend they are famous entertainers and singers. Physicians agree that this form of therapy helps children to get through various treatments and to find relief from their ailments.

As mentioned by Ryan to the New York Times, Seacrest is a busy person that has a lot to do. He makes sure that he is staying on top of his different endeavors. He wants to maximize his potential as an entertainer and business man. Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is showing no signs of slowing down and we can definitely expect more from him in the future.

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