The amazing life story of Tony Petrello

Antony Petrello was born and raised in Newark N.J. He attended public school and while he was in high school he was known for his math abilities. This led to recognition by Yale University who offered him a scholarship. He received his bachelor and masters from Yale University and while in Yale he assisted Serge Lang in his number theory work, complex theorems that most university students couldn’t understand. Petrello also known for his sense of humor and an outgoing character and as luck would have it he met the love of his life Cynthia Petrello in Yale.

After Petrello graduated from Yale ,he joined Harvard law school and in 1979 he began his career in an American law firm Baker &McKenzie. His specialty was business law with a bias towards taxation and arbitration. Its while at Bakers that he was assigned to work with a company called Nabors industries. Nabors which is based I Hamilton and is a n oil, gas and geothermal drilling contractor which has been in operation since 1968.The managers at Nabors were impressed with his analytical skills and lobbied to have him join the Nabors team. He joined Nabors in 1991 and became the Chief operating officer and took a seat in the board later that year. His achieved a lot and helped build the company and due to that he became the president in 1992.

Through his leadership Nabors was able to buy off a firm called Grace drilling in 1993 at cost of $ 32million and in 2010 Nabors acquired superior Wells services. Currently Petrello is the CEO of Nabors a position he took up on 28th Oct 2011,he was also named the chairman of the board and the chairman of the boards executive committee. During his reign in Nabors the company has seen tremendous growth. Tony has held other positions which include director of, director of Hilcorp energy and he is currently the director at the steward and Stevenson.

Petrello is not successful in the boardroom, but he is also an outstanding family man. Petrello and Cynthia are blessed with a daughter Carena. Carena who is 8 year old suffers from a condition known as preventricular Leukomalacia which is a caused by lack of oxygen or flow of blood to the brain. The petrellos in a bid to help other children with similar condition have donated arounnd and 7million to Texas children hospital where Tony is a board member. The hospital was able to construct a pediatric neurological center, now known as Jan and Dan Neurological research institute. The institute treats children from across the globe. Petrello has also helped raised million of dollars towards charitable organizations.

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The Crowning of Forex Trading by Greg Secker

You must have heard of many remarkable success stories from some super-rich individuals who have made it in life but, Greg Secker’s triumphant journey is so inspirational. He is fearless in speech and passionate to help people improve. He began humbly working at the Virtual Trading Desk. Nevertheless, this humble beginning would later be an essential element in his life, the cornerstone. It is from this that he understood how the Forex market operates before personally making a hefty return from a small investment he had put therein.

Motivated by the likes of Dr. John Demartini who redemptive made a big fortune from the Foreign Exchange, Greg Secker was not adamant to whole heartedly try it out. Through a risk-managed approach he had earlier on learned to work with, he began investing and most assuredly earned a good living from the same. This well-established entrepreneur is a people person who gives back to the society through the Greg Secker Foundation.

The Greg Secker Foundation enlightens people on matters business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and lifestyle. It has successfully launched programs in South Africa and Australia. Presently the foundation is working with the victims of the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan. It is helping that community through building permanent typhoon resistant houses, electrical installation, and empowerment through life skills. His latest recognition for his social responsibility is the accorded title to the boards of Ambassadors for the City Philanthropy. The title befits him for his selfless work done especially with the youths and disadvantaged people.

About Greg Secker

Is success is not what Greg Secker has, and then someone should tell me what defines success. He owns 17 companies both for-profit and nonprofit. The for-profit companies include a hedge fund, brokerage fund among other. And not forgetting that he is the founder and CEO of the Learn to Trade, Capital Index, SmartCharts Software among many others.

He is the author of the book; Financial Freedom through Forex and Everything You Need to Know About Success. Greg Secker is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, pro bono who have address different summits and workshop sharing a platform with world’s greatest leaders. He now wants to empower the Philippines whom he feels have not shined enough.

How Sahm Adrangi New Investment Strategy is Set to Revolutionize the Investment Market

The investment market is one of the most profitable markets we have in the economy today. Sahm Adrangi an investor at Kerrisdale Capital Management firm is making all the arrangements possible to ensure that every interested investor in the market is reaping huge benefits from their money. According to a close source to the investor, Sahm Adrangi is already at the 100 US million dollar mark on his new co-investment fund.

This co-investment fund has not been seen in the market before and the investor seeks to use the cash to bet against a single stock on the market. So far the new thesis by which Sahm seems to be investing the money has been well accepted by the investors if the $100 million collected within the short period of time are anything to go by. Despite this confidence, the investor is still making tremendous progress to familiarize his thesis and the soon to be unveiled company to his investors.

As part of these efforts, Sahm Adrangi has partnered with Shane Wilson an analyst at the company and the two are focused on coming up with resources to help with their mission. Some of resources to be used in the campaign include videos, reports and websites according to the disclosure given to Reuters. The source further disclosed that Sahm’s target company would be unveiled to the public mid-May.

About Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is the founding founder who doubles up as the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. This is a small financial investment company that grew from less than a million US dollars in 2009 to its current capacity where it manages over $150 million including the new co-investment fund. Mr. Adrangi has been quite instrumental in the growth and developmental progress of the firm including coordinating its daily operations.

Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University having a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Other than the academic qualifications, Sahm Adrangi has been able to build his reputation through conducting short researches and publishing them. He has even gone and exposed fraudulent Chinese companies in the economy through his articles. As Mr. Adrangi undertakes his new investment strategy, a lot is expected going by his expertise in the industry.

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Talkspace is Making Mental Health Care Accessible Like Never Before

According to a recent article on the Talkspace website, Ben learns he isn’t allowed to take any personal call during business hours at the place he recently started working, which is a strict government agency. Ben supervisor gives him a number that his family members could use on reaching him in case of an emergency.

That news instantly fills him with fear. Lisa, Ben’s daughter, has borderline personality disorder (BPD). She usually calls him several times every week, often while he is at work. An understanding and supportive father; Ben was always happy chatting with her daughter in his old office; there were no phone calls there.

Now he has to tell Lisa that their check-ins on mid-week are going to be less often and happen in the evening only. With noticeable hesitation, he gives the emergency number to her daughter. The following day her daughter dials the number during the lunch break of Ben.

Before Ben picked up the phone, he knows who the caller is what is happening, Lisa was okay; there was no crisis. He tries to suppress the anger in his voice, but her daughter could hear how he was upset. She just wanted to ensure he was going to pick up if something happens to her. Ben is frustrated. Ben shouted he was already fading under the light from a supervisor.

Talkspace is a company founded as well as staffed by people genuinely caring regarding making mental health care to be more accessible. Nowadays, there are not a lot of companies where people have invested a positive mission like that of Talkspace.

The team of Talkspace is led by individuals who understand what they are doing. The growth of the company has been constant. Talkspace has maintained the capability of speaking to as well as hearing. They value people’s feedback on the ground doing the daily work for you.

George Soros Career Deters Him Not From Pursuing Special Interest

The early life of this George Soros as a business mogul was less promising. In fact, he narrowly escaped death from the persecution of the Nazi people by falsifying their identity. He is one person who has worked from scratch to be who he is today; his family had little if no input in his empire building. George Soros enrolled himself to the London School of Economics after running away from the Nazi siege and Follow his

His low beginning as a railway porter, waiter and later at Merchant bank has helped him understand some business concepts he applies today. George Soros relocated to New York and in 1969 founded his hedge fund with only $12 million and renamed it, Quantum Fund. The fund has since then been in operation. Stan Druckenmiller, an executive help the company yields much profit from the breaking of the British pound in the Bank of England and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros added Dawn Fitzpatrick into his pool of professional as the Chief Investment Officer. She is among the highly esteemed women on Wall Street and very resourceful in investment portfolio management. Soros has built an empire aided by the Soros Fund Management LLC valued at $30 billion in assets.

He is vocal of his political affiliations and whistle blows when the government is doing evil. As an accomplished hedge fund manager, George Soros has amassed himself with wealth. He strongly spoke against the Iraq war, have funded President George W. Bush’s opponent in the re-election bid but unfortunately failed. The Soros Fund Management has donated hefty sums of money to causes of democratic reforms and social concerns. He works by the mantra; government should be lead by the people and not some powerful beings that demean democracy and More information click here.

About George Soros

George Soros is a hedge fund manager who has dominated the industry with prowess and incomparable business acumen. It is estimated that his net worth is about $25.2 billion. He generously gives back to the society as an individual, through his registered companies and foundations. The Soros’ Open Society Foundation handles issues of social justice around the Eastern Europe region. This foundation was very vibrant due the apartheid period in South Africa. At least through it, the black students could obtain a scholarship and some small upkeep and what George Soros knows.

Closely working with the International Crisis Group, European Council on Foreign Relations among other good willed organization, he has cemented reforms in democratic governance, criminal justice, and immigration. George Soros openly critique the topic of drug abuse, lead a Marijuana movement, and un-wavered spoke strongly against same-sex marriages and George Soros’s lacrosse camp. He has helped put things in order by pointing to the flaws or diversionary actions. He is the author of ‘ Open Society and Its Enemies.’

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Organo Gold Is Trendy Brands That is Getting Social Media Buzz

Organo Gold is a trendy premium coffee that has been able to lure a lot of consumers that were interested in the recent USA Today article that gave mention to how coffee can equate to a longer life span. People have been impressed with Organo Gold because this company has a plethora of coffee choices, and there is a very interesting mushroom call the ganoderma mushroom that has been known to contain healing agents.

When people hear about Organo Gold they are easily excited about this company that offers special coffee and tea. This company is also known for skincare products and other things like toothpaste. This special mushroom that was originally connected to this brand of coffee has been utilized as a primary ingredient in all of the products that are sold by Organo Gold today.

This has become a product that people are fascinated with on a global level because it connects people to a very large network of different products that all contain the ganoderma mushroom.

Bernardo Chua is the founder of Organo Gold, and he is someone that has been able to totally transform the coffee industry. This is not mainstream coffee. To the contrary, this is much more of a novelty type of coffee brand. It is not found everywhere, and most consumers that obtain it will buy it through the internet. The fact that it is a special premium brand that is not found everywhere makes it even more popular with consumers.

Many coffee drinkers like to have access to coffee that is not always part of the mainstream. They like to try new things, and it is much more likely for people to find Organo Gold coffee in a local mom-and-pop shop than it is to find it at your local Walmart store.

Lifeline Screening Stay Healthy and Disease Free with Timely Health Screening

The world of medical science continues to make rapid advances, and it is helping people lead a disease-free and healthy life. However, to lead a disease free and healthy life, the people also need to do their due. Apart from making the right life choices regarding what they eat, how much they exercise, how much they sleep, and so on, it is also important that they go for regular health screenings. There are many benefits of health screenings, and one of the main advantages is that it would help the people to know if they are suffering from any kind of disease or if they need medical attention. At times, many of the diseases go unnoticed for long time, and by the time it appears visibly, it just is in an advanced and incurable stage.

People should make sure that they take their health seriously and do not neglect the annual screening every doctor prescribes these days. In the United Kingdom and the United States, the biggest name in the world of health screening is Lifeline Screening. The company provides consultation to the people who are looking to get their health screened for various health issues they might be going through. Consulting with the family doctor and getting the prescribed screenings done at Lifeline Screening is also possible. Lifeline Screening provides a comprehensive range of screenings to ensure that people can get many different kinds of health screening done under one roof. Lifeline Screening has centers across both the countries it serves.

There are certain steps that you need to take if you are going for health screening at Lifeline Screening. The first and an essential step are to ensure that you do not eat anything for at least four hours before the testing is to be done. Before four to five hours of screening, the meal you have should not be too greasy or gassy as it may contribute to the result being inaccurate. Wearing buttoned clothes is an ideal choice for the screening. Lifeline Screening provides minimally and non-invasive painless screening and thus, one should be relaxed and calm during and before the screening. In some screenings such as for glucose and diabetes, a 12 hour period of fasting is mandatory. So, check with the Lifeline Screening a day earlier if there are any pre-requisites for the scheduled screening. Also, it is important that you do not wear any kind of lotion, oil, or use any such ointment on your body before the screening.

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Eric Pulier: Utilizing Technology for the Greater Good

Technology has virtually changed every aspect of life. While many entrepreneurs in tech purpose to utilize technology for personal gain, Eric Pulier is using it for the greater good. Pulier is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a published author based in Los Angeles, California. Since he graduated from Harvard in 1998, Pulier has been an active member of the society seeking innovative technological solutions to common problems.

Pulier has co-founded and founded several companies. Three years after he graduated, Pulier relocated to Los Angeles where he started his first company, People Doing Things. The company sought to provide innovative technological solutions to healthcare and education sectors. Three years later, he came up with Digital Digital Evolution, a company which later merged with US Interactive LLC a few years later. Some of the venture-backed companies that he founded or co-founded include SOA Software, MediaPlatformm, Deskton, and US Media Interactive LLC. Pulier’s business acumen enabled him to raise funds running into hundreds of millions for his companies. His unrelenting effort in the tech world has attracted the attention of many people and organizations as well. For instance, he is often invited to give his insight in different technological forums and conferences. Also, he appeared among VAR Business’ 30 e-visionaries.

Presently, Pulier holds different esteemed positions in various organizations. He is the executive director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. Also, Pulier sits on the board of the XPrize Foundation and Painted Turtle. He is the managing partner of FLF, a company he founded in 2015. He is the CEO of ServiceMesh, a company he helped start. Pulier is scaling the heights of the tech world with constant inventions in the field of cloud computing; consequently, he has been awarded many patents.

As a father of four, Pulier understands the value of children, and he strives to make life fun especially for diseased kids. In 1995, he worked with likeminded individuals to develop an online platform that allowed children with chronic diseases to interact. Also, as one of the directors of Painted Turtle (a charitable organization), he oversees the organization of an annual summer camp for children who have chronic illnesses; the camp is held in Hughes, California. What’s more, Pulier created a game, Starlight World, for kids with diabetes to understand more about their condition.
Since his days on campus, Pulier had a passion for writing. He regularly contributed to the Harvard Crimson. Presently, he is credited for co-authoring “Understanding Enterprise SOA.” One of his articles, The Enterprise Industrial Complex,” appeared in the Forbes Magazine.

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George Soros Rises Again

George Soros is a New York-based billionaire and accredited investor in the United States. The 85-year-old Democrat has amassed a great amount of wealth through the risky currency trades that facilitates better business in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. George Soros has managed the Soros Hedge Fund Company for over three decades to enable him to achieve the success he has today. For over 30 years of professional experience, George Soros has decided that his money is enough before he embarks on numerous philanthropic giving. George Soros is considered as one of the richest people seeking better business in a manner that is not paralleled in the world of business and learn more about George Soros.

Since George Soros decided that his money was enough, he has donated more than half of his wealth to carry on with philanthropic activities in and out of the United States. George Soros founded the Open Society Foundations to help him achieve better business in a manner that is not paralleled in the world of business and society. The Open Society Foundations works in more than 100 countries in the world to foster the things George Soros believes will change the world. George Soros foresees a world where the government is accountable to the people. George Soros also believes in a better world where the truth is not monopolized to the people and read full article.

George Soros has also spent most of his money trying to help his Democratic candidates win the general elections in the United States. For over three decades, George Soros has always strived to develop animated business solutions to assist his associates in developing better business solutions. In 2004, George Soros emerged as one of the leading funders of the United States election to help president Obama defeat President George Bush as the next president of the United States. George Soros also helped Hillary Clinton win the previous general election and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

According to the recent statistics, George Soros donated more than $25 million to help Hillary Clinton win the general elections as well as other Democratic candidates who had what George Soros believes will make the United States a better place to live. George Soros has a history of suffering under the oppression of the Nazi Occupation when he was a young boy. During that time, the occupation exterminated most of the Jewish community members who lived in Hungary. However, George Soros managed to escape the Nazi Occupation to become because he secured false identities to enable him to achieve his education. When he graduated from high school, he found his way to London where he worked at a local railway station to pay his school fee at the London School of Business. When he graduated from that college, he found his way to the United States and Follow his

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How Cancer Treatment Centers of America Have Revolutionized Cancer Treatment

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to implement a custom-made technical solution that will enable eviti; a support solution that works hand in hand with NantHealth to access various clinical workflows found in the Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Records. With this seamless system, it will be easy for the Clinical Pathways Program to pinpoint the progress of the cancer being treated. The system interface which is known as NantOS was designed and assembled by a team of highly-qualified oncologists. It holds some of the most complex and diverse cancer data that has been collected over a given period.
Clinical Pathways brings together the latest cancer treatment regimens, cancer research outcomes, and a wide range of complementary therapies. It, therefore, makes it easy for the oncologists to determine the point of care designed for specific types of cancers. On the other hand, the system also plays a crucial role when it comes to providing insurance cover to the patients. The notion behind this is the fact that the system creates a platform where insurance companies can expedite the procedures required to be followed in order to get insured.
According to the managing director of Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Center, the Clinical Pathways system will eliminate potential guesswork associated with cancer treatment. Apart from this, it will be easy for the clinicians to come up with the most appropriate treatment depending on the level of cancer.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national network that serves various cancer patients throughout the USA. As a way of promoting advanced treatment and care towards cancer patients, the CTCA network uses conventional approaches such as radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy to manage and treat different types of cancer.
The center which has been operational since 1988 has helped numerous patients who have cancer to lead a positive life. The centers work together with hospitals which are fully-accredited by the Joint Commission, the Magnet Award, and the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures. A total of five hospitals which work with the centers have been recognized and issued with 5-star badges by US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.