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Onelogin Provides an Essential Modern Business Service

In today’s society, it is hard to imagine where the world would be without the ingenuity of technology. While many organizations have utilized the World Wide Web as their growth platform, some companies have relied on assuming the responsibility of safeguarding such organizations. For instance, OneLogin, founded in 2009, has created an environment of data security for companies. Impressively, through secure channels, OneLogin offers identity management for SSO (single sign-on) vendors while improving safeguards with IT administrations. Additionally, their capabilities extend towards promoting efficiency for end users.

Another key selling point for organizations to utilize OneLogin’s service is their implementation timeline. While their competition could possible take days or even weeks to solidify a secured data management system, OneLogin prides themselves on satisfying the demands of an organization within hours. The state-of-the-art, user friendly, self service portal remains a top priority. Although a vast application guide, including Office 365, G Suite, and AWS are accessible, OneLogin has raised the standard to maintain a critically designed system. With on boarding and off boarding functions “made simple”, these simplistic factors provide a more efficient channel for analysis and management for organizations. Protected layers especially with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones top the requirements for many organizations.

With the international growth of OneLogin, realistic concerns have come to fruition with talks of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). An uncanny similarity of how domestic organizations “accept and appreciate” the regulations of SOX Compliance may be in the near future for OneLogin. Regardless of the scope of hesitation, OneLogin remains optimistic that they will be able to comply with regulatory laws. Luckily, their ability to thrive has forecasted not only triumphs on the horizon, but obstacles as well. This is a smart play on OneLogin’s part. Comprehension and preparedness for the first, second, and even third quarter of 2018 could really determine the proper direction for the company. Some of the key areas of review include: Policies and Procedures, Contractual Language, Data Protection Officer, and Trust. Utilizing both internal and external counsel will help towards a healthy relationship with The European Union GDPR.

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