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Nick Vertucci explain the impact of setbacks

Nick Vertucci is a man from humble backgrounds despite his achievements. By the term humble, it typically means that his family could merely afford the basic needs. Nick Vertucci was not fortunate to spend his whole life with his father, as he passed on when Nick was barely ten years of age. He didn`t give up; he kept pushing on with life which was quite fair with him, enabling him to start his sales and computer accessories business at the age of eighteen years. This was not to last because after a while his career quickly met a dead end at a period when dot com had a crash, and also his capital dissolved at a similar range as the crash experienced by dot com. This led his debts to accumulate to the point that he had to give up his home.

Nick Vertucci was not to give up; he was saved from all the financial problems when he enlisted in a real estate academy which led to him venturing into a lucrative real estate business. This was in the year 2014 when he was also able to gain back his financial freedom. After a successful journey in real estate industry, he was able to establish the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy which most people know as NVREA, in January 2014.

In his interview at ideamensch, he says that NVREA was founded with the primary aim of providing the best real estate training, to be the best institution in the industry. He also adds that his well-crafted investing strategies would now be brought to a lot of people. Nick advise that all aspiring entrepreneurs should be flexible and be ready for any future changes, this is by planning for them. He adds that people should be prepared for times when financial breakdowns appear. Nick believes that people should save, and this is by spending less and be able to reconsider investing as much as possible in real estate. Nick Vertucci adds that what has helped him in his entrepreneurial journey is his self – belief, self -talk and feeding his mind with positivity.

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