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Lime Crime Releases Unicorn Hair Dye

Cosmetics company Lime Crime has come out with a new product line called unicorn hair. The latest product is said to have been developed over a period of three years. Lime Crime founder and chief executive officer is said to have been the chief developer and tester of the unicorn hair product. Below are some more in depth details about the newest product from Lime Crime for unicorn fashion fans.


Unicorn hair is a hair dye that is made for unicorn fans. It is a semi-permanent hair dye. The product contains no bleach. It is also made from completely vegan based ingredients such as vegetable glycerin. As with all Lime Crime products, products are never tested on animals are certified to be cruelty free. A single jar of the product costs $16, which is a very affordable price. One jar contains about 700 millimeters of dye and is enough for shorter length hair. Longer and thicker hair may require 2 or more jars to get a full color from unicorn hair.


There are currently 13 different hair colors available under the unicorn hair line. The colors are bright and some of them even have fun and wacky names. Below you will find a list of the colors and a brief description on how some of them look.


You can choose from colors such as sext, neon peach, anime, chocolate cherry, blue smoke, bunny, strawberry jam, leeloo, jello, dirty mermaid, pony and salad. One of the standout colors in the unicorn hair line includes pony. This is a bright and bold purplish hair dye color. It is also the signature shade of CEO Doe Deere who proudly wears it. Another notable color is the jello unicorn hair dye. Imagine green jello and then imagine putting that color in a bottle of hair dye. The result is the green jello unicorn hair product line. It is sure to catch an eye.


Neon peach not only has a cool name, but is a strikingly bright and totally unicorn hair color. If you are adventurous or want some more colors you can try mixing some of the hair dyes in the unicorn hair line. One example is creating a bright turquoise color by mixing in the bluish anime dye with the light greenish salad dye.

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