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Lime Crime Launches A Whole New Line for Hair Dye Lovers

Have you heard about Lime Crime? What if I told you that it is a very popular brand of cosmetics? Would you be interested in learning more about them? The company has just recently added more colors to their line of makeup as well as to their line of hair dye. The event is spreading across social media as more people are interested in learning about the hottest new colors on the market.

Doe Deere is the owner of Lime Crime cosmetics. She promotes cosmetics and accessories that are vegan free as well as free from testing on animals. Are you even more interested in knowing more about his brand now?

Their hair formula is known as the Unicorn Hair Formula. The Lime Crime products are available for purchase in a variety of colors. The first choice is the full coverage line. This allows users to dye their hair completely by mixing a powerful pigment base and this type of dye is extremely popular by those of the younger generations.

If you are interested, the new styles of hair dye include:

Moonchild: The tint of dye that contains a pastel appearance that carries a lavender overtone to hair.

Cloud: The tint of dye carries a ray of light blue for the hair dye choice.

Kawaii: The pastel violet that people at parties and other social events will be talking about for years to come.

Mint Ice: The new choice is perfect for those who want to pull off a frosted mint look.

Tweet: This is the yellow dye that appears to be the color of a chick and is also great for those who need a touchup for blond hair.

Valentine: This all over coverage of a crimson red will allow users to have a sample of being a redhead.

Bubblegum Rose: This shade of pink is for all over and will leave your hair as the appearance of your favorite bubblegum flavor.

Aesthetic: The overall mauve hair dye is great for all types of occasions.

The excitement grows for Doe Deere as she waits to see how many unicorns out there will start rocking their new favorite colors.


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