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Like Crime Cosmetics Releases.Another Industry Favorite

The cosmetic industry will soon be launching the new pocket pastel colors in a cute 90’s style packaging, helping many relive their childhood. The goal is to make makeup fun to choose, wear, and tote around. You’ll still have the recognizable packaging that is easy to identify at the bottom of a cluttered purse. Their packaging will remind you of your favorite doll you would put proudly in the back of your Jordache jeans. Get five shades with a beautiful buttery texture for under $40, starting September 19. Their Pocket Candy palettes will also come in very affordable bundles. The Pocket Candy palettes will be branded under the LimeCrime name.

Line Crime is a popular eye-shadow, and lipstick brand with a super-foil base. Their wearers rave over the super moist application that dries to perfection, highlighting your best features. Their intricate colors give you a greater selection of bright, bold, and diverse colors. Wear cool colors like Purple Sorbet, or Radical Metallic. You can give yourself a new look, or upgrade from your dull boring makeup routine. Why not perfect your look with the best? Choose LC cosmetics for a fun youthful appearance with your makeup.

You’re invited to visit their select LC cosmetics YouTube channel on more creative ways to wear their cosmetics, or leave your own tutorial detailing how you perfect your look. Cool colors deserve great accessory items, shoes, and clothing that can be purchased at their sister company, Dolls Kill. LC products has also expanded their line with a Scandal brand offering an amazing purple-violet hue. Customers still get the hypoallergenic formula they’re use to, and great for everyday use. Your friends will envy your new look, and want to know who does your makeup. You’ll want to share your LC cosmetics secret with your closet admirers.

Lime Crime products are not currently sold in retailed stores, but can be purchased directly from their website with free shipping promotional offers. Hope your favorite color by visiting their website today for a wide selection of unmatched colors by the Lime Crime cosmetic brand.


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