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How Did Southridge Capital Get To Play In The Major League For Financial Services?

Southridge capital is a financial advisory and investment company. To a large extent, the company provides its clients in different sectors of the economy with highly innovative financial solutions. The company also facilitates financing options for their clients. For instance, for the last two decades, Southridge capital directly injected over $1.8 Billion into growth companies and financed over 250 public companies. However, these aren’t the only factors pushing the financial giant into the industry limelight.


Other factors anchoring Southridge place in the major leagues


Acoording to ideamensch, southridge capital boasts of having some of the most finance-industry savvy executives. The company is led by a team of executives with in-depth knowledge of the challenges affecting every growing company and the skills to solve such issues. The experts not only come in handy when identifying such limitations but also help structure individualized business resuscitation techniques to bring a business to its feet or speed up its growth.


Most importantly, the company offers a host of other services that go into ensuring the survival of a company. These include such financial services as preparation of highly individualized and detailed financial statements for different companies as well as balance sheet optimization. The company also extends mergers and acquisition services in different industries as well as restricting analysis for companies facing bankruptcy. Most importantly, Southridge appreciates the impact of legal discourses on a company’s overall performance and has, therefore, designed a legal settlement framework aimed at minimizing the amount and expenses spent in addressing legal tussles. To see more you can visit



Key multi-industry investments by Southridge capital


Just recently, Southridge capital entered into an equity purchase agreement with a fast-rising alternative energy company, Adalay solar Inc. In its less than two decades of existence, the solar company has patented over 30 innovations whose popularity has taken the industry by storm. The financier’s $5 million investment would go a long way in actualizing more innovative solar designs the company has on the pipeline. And to prove its multi-industry investment approach, the company also invested a similar amount of money in Elite Data Services, a software development company that seeks to revolutionize the computing industry.




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