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How Cancer Treatment Centers of America Have Revolutionized Cancer Treatment

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America have partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to implement a custom-made technical solution that will enable eviti; a support solution that works hand in hand with NantHealth to access various clinical workflows found in the Allscripts Sunrise Electronic Health Records. With this seamless system, it will be easy for the Clinical Pathways Program to pinpoint the progress of the cancer being treated. The system interface which is known as NantOS was designed and assembled by a team of highly-qualified oncologists. It holds some of the most complex and diverse cancer data that has been collected over a given period.
Clinical Pathways brings together the latest cancer treatment regimens, cancer research outcomes, and a wide range of complementary therapies. It, therefore, makes it easy for the oncologists to determine the point of care designed for specific types of cancers. On the other hand, the system also plays a crucial role when it comes to providing insurance cover to the patients. The notion behind this is the fact that the system creates a platform where insurance companies can expedite the procedures required to be followed in order to get insured.
According to the managing director of Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Southeastern Regional Medical Center, the Clinical Pathways system will eliminate potential guesswork associated with cancer treatment. Apart from this, it will be easy for the clinicians to come up with the most appropriate treatment depending on the level of cancer.
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America
The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national network that serves various cancer patients throughout the USA. As a way of promoting advanced treatment and care towards cancer patients, the CTCA network uses conventional approaches such as radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy to manage and treat different types of cancer.
The center which has been operational since 1988 has helped numerous patients who have cancer to lead a positive life. The centers work together with hospitals which are fully-accredited by the Joint Commission, the Magnet Award, and the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures. A total of five hospitals which work with the centers have been recognized and issued with 5-star badges by US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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