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How Barbara Stokes Balances Her Life and Work

Based out of Hunstville, Alabama, Barbara Stokes knows what it takes to be a mother, philanthropist and businesswoman. She is able to successfully balance each of these things while she is becoming successful in all areas of her life. Since Barbara Stokes knows there are different things she can do to make her life better, she always tries to remain positive about the opportunities she has. This has allowed her the chance to make sure she can help people while also helping herself and giving back to the family that has supported her throughout her entire life. Read this article at

As a mother, Barbara Stokes knows what it takes to be successful. She has three children who don’t want for anything. She knows they are important and does her best to spend as much time with them as possible. While Barbara Stokes is doing these things, she knows there are new ways she can help people and can give them what they are looking for. Because she has so many things she does to help her children, Barbara Stokes knows what it takes to give them the best of everything in the world even if that means sacrificing some of the things she has done.

While Barbara Stokes is doing things with her children, she likes to also focus on charity. She is a very charitable person and actually considers herself to be a philanthropist. She does not like to see people hurt or want for anything. She has no problem going above and beyond to make things better for others even if they are strangers. An important part of Barbara Stokes’ life is giving back to the community she lives in. She wants to see it thrive and will do what she can to help people who are in the community and are suffering from other issues.


Even though other parts of her life are more important, Barbara Stokes knows that her career is what allows her to do all of these things. If it weren’t for the career that she has, she wouldn’t be able to give her kids what they need or give back to the community she’s in. Even though she now works for a green building company, she has spent her life preparing for that. She even worked for Boeing at one point while she was building up the opportunities she had to be successful with those who were around her. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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