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Former Corrections Officer Is Helping To Stop Contraband Phones From Causing Harm To Others

Robert Johnson, an ex-corrections officer is working with Securus Technologies to help put an end to the cell phones inside of the prison systems. When an inmate has access to cell phones and are able to make calls from inside of the prison which are not recorded, the inmates are able to set up things that could have been avoided if the inmate had not had access to a cell phone.


Back in 2010, Robert was working as an inspector of packages and letters to the inmates. When he discovered a package worth over $50,000 being sent to an inmate in prison, Robert would end up being shot shortly afterward. The person responsible was contacted by an inmate gang party to shoot the corrections officer. The inmates made a payment to the shooter through the form of a prepaid credit card. When the ex inmate received the money from the current inmate, he was informed he would need to shoot Robert and kill him so he is never able to put an end to packages from being delivered to inmates later on down the road.


The ex inmate then went to the corrections officer’s home and would shoot him 6 times at a close range, less than only 6 feet from him. This shooting would then be the start of a very difficult life for the family as Robert has undergone over 23 surgeries since.


Living in fear everyday is not something that he wants others to feel from inmates in a prison. When an inmate is able to make contact with those on the outside, hits like this can be performed.


Robert is not the only person who has to endure this kind of pain. A woman who was holding her child was faced with a man who would shoot her child and kill it, at only 9 months old.


The woman had a brother who did something that others did not approve of and the inmate was given orders to have the brothers nephew shot. While the mother held the child, the child died in her arms. Something that no one should have to face.


Since this time, Robert has begun working closely with Securus Technologies to put an end to all cell phones conversations taking place between inmates and those on the outside.


Technology is making it difficult for the inmates to receive access to the systems of mobile networks. The cell phone who is not approved to be connected to on the outside, will receive a phone number alerting the staff that someone who is not authorized to be online is attempting to make a call. When the phone number being dialed is looked into, the prison officials and technology guys are able to decide what to do next with the phone call.

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