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Food For Thought, Or Pup

One of the most popular dog food brands is Beneful by PurinaStore. They have everything from dry to wet dog food and baked goods to teeth cleaning treats. Like any brand they started with their original product. The originals dry food ( comes in flavors such as real beef, real chicken, or real salmon. Those are perfect for dogs that are picky about what they eat or dogs that have a hard time digesting. Purina’s goal is to give dogs 100% of the everyday nutrients he or she needs to thrive.

What’s really amazing about this company is that they have a product for overweight dogs. Healthy weight Beneful is made with real chicken and is produced to help adult dogs to maintain a steady healthy weight. Some dog owners like to spice things up and feed their pup wet dog food every now and then. Chopped blends are one of the brands wet dog food products. This product comes in flavors such as: Beef with carrots, peas and barley, Chicken with carrots, peas and wild rice, And turkey with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. Beneful’s wet dog food ( will excite the taste buds of any puppy or adult dog.
Healthy clean teeth are important for dogs! Purina has taken a healthy mouth to a whole new level with their treats Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. These dog treats help support the teeth, reduce tarter, and freshen up doggy breath. They are available in different sizes for different size dogs beginning with mini for a teacup size and ending with large for maybe a Great Dane.
Purina has really thought of it all. They have many products to fit the many needs of their customers and strive to make the best of the best for dogs all around.