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Drew Madden:

*An in depth look at Business professional Drew Madden:

Drew Madden is a successful businessman as well as a Healthcare IT professional. Drew Madden has over a decade of experience with managing and optimizing special EMR Projects. In addition, the bulk of Mr. Madden’s work is within the healthcare industry. Drew Madden has expertise in creating unique and different company cultures. Mr. Madden has stated publicly that a strong and lasting relationship must exist between the organization and the client. Strong relationships with the client will prove to be financially rewarding.

Drew Madden has helped other IT Professionals identify specific needs of the client and formulate long lasting as well as useful IT solutions. In addition, Mr. Madden has also shared important security information on how to protect an organizations IT Infrastructure. Protecting an organizations IT Infrastructure is critical for the prevention of identity theft as well as document mishandling. Specific codes are assigned to documents within an Infrastructure to ensure security and lasting protection.

Drew Madden is currently the President of Nordic Consulting Partners. Mr. Madden has held the position as President for approximately seven years. He is responsible for the exceptional growth and increase in revenue that Nordic has experienced since he began his tenure with the organization. Mr. Madden is known for his take charge attitude as well as his strong work ethic. Through his hard work and technical expertise, Drew madden was responsible for a revenue that more than doubled within a period of just fifteen months.

Business development and locating new experienced recruits was an area in which Madden truly excelled as part of his expansion and business development plan. Mr. Madden has clearly established himself as a true asset to Nordic Consulting Partners on a national level.

*Previous Experience & Educational Background:

Previously, Drew Madden was a consultant for an organization called Ingenix. Ingenix is an organization which creates inpatient medical solutions for a variety of clients. In addition, Madden also handled matters which involved business development and commercial planning.

Drew Madden graduated from Iowa University with an Industrial Engineering Degree. Drew Madden graduated with top honors. Through Drew Madden’s business experience over the years he was able to build long lasting and profitable relationships on an international as well as a local level.

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