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Dr. Akhil Reddy Fights for Affordable and Quality Dental Care for All

Anyone who knows Dr. Akhil Reddy, would describe him as driven, dedicated to dentistry and passionate about his causes. After graduating and acquiring his B.S. (in Behavioral Science) from the University of the Pacific University, Dr. Reddy completed the, San Francisco, CA based, Arthur A. Dugoni Advanced School of Dentistry Program earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery credentials. He also holds a doctorate degree which he earned when only twenty-three. When Dr. Reddy started practicing dentistry, he quickly became frustrated that individuals in lower socioeconomic groups frequently where unable to find competent dental care. As per his can-do personality, Dr. Reddy sprung into action to do his part in solving this crisis.

Akhil Reddy is one of many top doctors working out of the networking MB2 Dental practice. Here he treats patients with compassionate care, and he has developed programs that provide important dental education, allow doctor-to-doctor interaction and mentoring. Through these aids, he promotes his mission to open up dental care access to people unable to attain it now. Dr. Reddy believes the standards of practice in dentistry are too low and not cohesive across states. He is working to resolve these issues, and many dentists are getting on-board.

Outside of work, Akhil Reddy enjoys good music, such as the California outdoor concert he attended recently with his fiancee. This good doctor doesn’t eat much while working save for a blended shake of healthy ingredients downed for breakfast. In the evenings, Dr. Reddy does appreciate good food and especially finer wines. Recently, Dr. Reddy had his wine recommendation list posted in The French Tribune. These wines are all very affordable and Dr. Reddy attests to their distinctive taste, many with fruity, floral or spicy notes and wonderful aromatic scents. This list includes tips for finding the wines, complementary meal choices to pair with the wine, cost, and detailed explanations on each unique wine. A terrific resource for anyone seeking a wine connoisseur’s expert opinion.

A good-read fashion article on Dr. Reddy’s choice of clothing styles that look fantastic, even with that expected white lab coat on. This is a professional man’s advice on appropriate work wear options. The piece has pictures so that even men clueless about fashion can still use the article to pull their outfits together. This article ran in The Bro Talk. Dr. Akhil Reddy is truly a pioneer in his chosen field of dentistry.

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