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Coco wins an Oscar in 2018

Coco was about a young boy that journeyed through the dead in hopes of finding his late grandfather, and the family secret behind the story. Miguel is searching to live his dream to be a musician and through the journey he is trying to get his late grandfather’s blessing. The movie took you through the traditional Mexican holiday tradition of El Dia de los Muertos.


A man named Daniel Arriaga from the Academy of Art University alum got to be a part of the famous masterpiece. He served as a senior director at Pixar, and this project was especially important to him because it was homage to his heritage. Daniel had a goal to make sure that dead characters were still very much alive. He wanted the dead characters to look appealing, yet dead.


Their creativity an heart warming story led them to win an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, and “Coco” won the Oscar award for the Best Original Song.


This incredible story took a lot of hard work, thought, time, and dedication, but it paid off well. Daniel is very proud of how “Coco” turned out, and what his team was able to accomplish in creating the heart warming film.


“Coco” was up against big films such as “The Boss Baby” and Ferdinand.” And it was also up against smaller films such as “Loving Vincent” and “The Breadwinner.” Daniel’s team was surprised as they touched the voters hearts with the incredible story they came up with. Daniel was even inspired by this film, and shortly dedicated his time to helping other artists, animators, producers, directors, and talking them through the difficulty of creating “Coco” but the rewards of the aftermath. Many students that left the meeting felt hopeful and they felt like anything was possible.


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