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Chris Linkas Offers Timely Investment Advice for Millennials


Learning to invest early in life can never be a bad thing. Investing at an early age offers the greatest potential for return over time. Whether a civilian, or a member of the armed forces, it is wise to get a good head start to invest for the future. Perhaps the most important reason to start investing early is that a person can recover if an investment turns sour. Those who invest later on in life are typically more cautious and conservative.


Start Early

Investing early also allows for greater compounding of interest. There are definite financial gains that young investors will realize as a result. Investing at an early age can also set the pace for how people develop and form spending habits. Another major benefit of investing early in life is that it can ultimately can lead to an improvement in the quality of life. Chris Linkas would approve with all of the above. He thoroughly understands finance.


Establishing Career

After college, Linkas stepped directly into the world of finance and held the position of asset manager and analyst. He made a name for himself at RER Financial Group as its Vice President. His efforts led to a $4 billion-dollar book balance in only 18 months with the company. His successful efforts steered him into a job opportunity with Goldman Sachs.

The experience gained at Goldman Sachs opened up a lot of opportunities such as heading up the company’s commercial real estate efforts. His duties included finding opportunities to invest in equity and debt real estate deals ( All this makes for an intriguing background that can benefit millennials who are willing to take investment advice from an expert.

His vast reservoir of knowledge about investments and investing makes him the perfect individual to offer counsel on investing. Chris Linkas also feels that young people should also contemplate investing in the stock market. Too many college students and young professional put it off too long.


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