WWE Wrestlers Surprise Bride and Groom

A man and a woman were recently married in Syracuse hotel over the weekend. Everything about the wedding was normal, and many people were extremely happy with the reception. However, the bride and groom were in for one of the biggest surprises of their lives.

WWE wrestlers were also staying in the Syracuse hotel. Apparently, a recent WWE event was held in the area, and the wrestlers decided to stay at the same hotel that was hosting the wedding. WWE superstars R-Truth, Roman reigns, and Jimmy Uso were hanging around the bar when they heard a loud commotion coming from the wedding reception. After a while, the three wrestlers decided to make their way into the wedding reception according to Jim Dondero.

The bride and groom instantly recognized the WWE Superstars, and several pictures were posted on TMZ. To make things even better, the bride and groom had sent an email to the WWE with the hopes of successfully inviting some of the superstars to their wedding. However, nobody responded to the email from the bride and groom. Nonetheless, the WWE Superstars decided to make their way into the wedding anyways. The bride and groom are huge WWE fans, and they were pleasantly surprised with the WWE Superstars that made their wedding day even more special.