How One Can Increase Their Probability Of Having A Wikipedia Article Approved

Writing content that is to be placed on Wikipedia is very rewarding to get it published, especially if one does not have a background in writing. Sometimes, it takes a few tries and revisions of an edit or a submission in order to finally be accepted. This is difficult for some writers. Writers are faced with two options: either revise the piece of work or accept defeat and not try rewriting. Writers should not become discouraged, even though it is very common for new writers and even experienced writers to get let down after one or two rejections, or even more. Some writers have went through more than ten revisions in order to create a wikipedia page and  get just one piece approved on Wikipedia, even though this does not happen often.

When starting out, it is strongly recommended to find small articles that are short in length that do not seem to have proper format. One can change the format into the correct form, or add references that should be added, or correct anything else that is wrong or that is in dire need of improvement.

Do not write an article if you are a beginner, as editing small articles like the example above is the best thing to do for most beginners. If you already have experience as a writer, it may be feasible to take on an entire article, but all beginners should start as an editor.

Some pages can be edited without approval, while articles that have lots of truthful information that are very popular are not needed to be edited as much. Approval from moderators must be received to edit these types of articles, and the restrictions are placed because the article has information that needs to be safeguarded because it has been targeted before or already contains information that can not possibly be improved.

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