William Saito, The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of InTecur Consultancy Firm

William Saito is a talented Japanese software programmer. He started programming at a very tender age while he was still in elementary school. William founded his firm company when he was in high school.


William is among the top 100 most influential people in Japan, as named by Nikkei. Even before 1998, when his appointment as Entrepreneur of The Year happened, his encryption skills had received global recognition.


He gained attention as the world’s top authorities encryption, biometric authentication and cybersecurity. He moved to Tokyo and founded InTecur after Microsoft acquired his business. InTecur is a consultancy firm for venture capital firms. It focuses on identification of innovative technologies, harnessing global talents and equipping entrepreneurs to create successful ventures.


William Saito has worked directly under the Japanese Prime Minister. He was also an employee of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission, where he served as the Chief Technology Officer in 2011.


Currently, Saito is a board member at World Economic Forum where has been named a Young Global Leader and Global Agenda Council member. He also acts as an advisor to several governments around the world.


As a venture capitalist and investor, he has helped many start-ups to get up and running profitably. His expertise is of value to young entrepreneurs. On a typical day, Mr William Saito works with people to determine their problem and come up with reliable solutions to the issues.


A productive day for him is when he can impact the lives of people in the real world positively. He deploys design thinking to implement his ideas. According to him, failing is the only way you can be successful. Mr William Saito is excited by the modern trends in technology. The various aspects of artificial intelligence, machine learning, the blockchain, cloud, robotics and more, all excite him.


He is glad that it is now possible to integrate these aspects with other applications and use them in the real world. He firmly believes in teamwork and supporting each other. He also says that failure is inevitable in innovation, but should not keep you down. Once you fail, get up and running until you make it. William Saito is passionate about technology. He encourages younger entrepreneurs to be patient and venture into what they love doing. Persistence is also key to be successful according to the tech expert.