No Power Due to Squirrel on the Lines

The power can get knocked out in a town for any number of reasons. There could be a storm in the area, or there could be a short in a transformer. One town in California was without power because of a squirrel. Over 40,000 people were without power because of the animal. Any power outage is an inconvenience, but the cities affected were dealing with temperatures near 100 degrees. Power was soon restored to the area. Officials weren’t in a hurry to admit that a squirrel was the cause of the outage. There isn’t any reason why they couldn’t be honest with those who live in the area.  Accordingly, small animals get on power lines all the time, and there are occasions where one might get too close to a transformer, making it malfunction. This seems like a case where officials don’t want to admit that they were defeated by an animal that is small, gray and likes to climb trees.