Securus Technologies and The Success It Generates By Avoiding Agency Problems

When people build companies or offer products, they should be offering their neck on the line, and they should not be generating agency problems by not paying the price for their suggestions and mistakes. One company right now that has received a lot of praise for how it helps better the society and avoid these agency problems is Securus Technologies. It’s a company known for the advantages, benefits and proven but straightforward ways that it has delivered civil justice in corrections facilities. However, one significant tragedy it has faced lately is the story relating to Robert Johnson, a Sout Carolina native who works at the Lee Correctional Facility.


The Shooting


Employees want to offer the right, best and quality service to their employers, and this is the reason why Robert Johnson offered his all just to give the facility he’s working in the excellent service it needs. One incident, though, that challenged all the energy of Robert is when he confiscated a contraband item. Two weeks later, an intruder came to his house and tried to end his life and his family’s. Fortunately, he was able to cope with this, has recovered from the shooting and has put to justice his shooter, which was a former convict.


It’s comforting to know that Robert Johnson has dedicated himself to making sure that peace and order are assured in the corrections facility, but does he need to put his life at stake? I think there should be a way that we can find an effective strategy to prevent the case that happened to Robert Johnson from happening to other officers. If you’re with me in finding out for this strategy, know that Securus Technologies is already ahead of the curve.


Wireless Containment Solutions


In the Aug 14, 2017 report at Businesswire, we learned that Securus Technologies has just released its Wireless Containment Solutions program. This is one of the most significant ways today that the tragedy of Robert can be prevented. You see, Robert was shot because of a call inside the prison two weeks after he confiscated the contraband. Right now, Wireless Containment Solutions, a million-dollar project, could hang up unwanted phone calls inside the prison. It has a dynamic cell-site simulator kind of system that blocks and filters requests that come through the prison system.


By doing this, the cell officers can come up with ways to get a rapid, dependable and specialist kind of filter that could stop criminals from getting messages across the innate system. Without such calls getting through, no more shoot to call order to officers in prisons. No more stories of Robert Johnson getting shot and being revived by the Divine Forces to fulfill his destiny. That destiny right now comes in the form of working for Securus Technologies, which he is doing right now.



Former Corrections Officer Is Helping To Stop Contraband Phones From Causing Harm To Others

Robert Johnson, an ex-corrections officer is working with Securus Technologies to help put an end to the cell phones inside of the prison systems. When an inmate has access to cell phones and are able to make calls from inside of the prison which are not recorded, the inmates are able to set up things that could have been avoided if the inmate had not had access to a cell phone.


Back in 2010, Robert was working as an inspector of packages and letters to the inmates. When he discovered a package worth over $50,000 being sent to an inmate in prison, Robert would end up being shot shortly afterward. The person responsible was contacted by an inmate gang party to shoot the corrections officer. The inmates made a payment to the shooter through the form of a prepaid credit card. When the ex inmate received the money from the current inmate, he was informed he would need to shoot Robert and kill him so he is never able to put an end to packages from being delivered to inmates later on down the road.


The ex inmate then went to the corrections officer’s home and would shoot him 6 times at a close range, less than only 6 feet from him. This shooting would then be the start of a very difficult life for the family as Robert has undergone over 23 surgeries since.


Living in fear everyday is not something that he wants others to feel from inmates in a prison. When an inmate is able to make contact with those on the outside, hits like this can be performed.


Robert is not the only person who has to endure this kind of pain. A woman who was holding her child was faced with a man who would shoot her child and kill it, at only 9 months old.


The woman had a brother who did something that others did not approve of and the inmate was given orders to have the brothers nephew shot. While the mother held the child, the child died in her arms. Something that no one should have to face.


Since this time, Robert has begun working closely with Securus Technologies to put an end to all cell phones conversations taking place between inmates and those on the outside.


Technology is making it difficult for the inmates to receive access to the systems of mobile networks. The cell phone who is not approved to be connected to on the outside, will receive a phone number alerting the staff that someone who is not authorized to be online is attempting to make a call. When the phone number being dialed is looked into, the prison officials and technology guys are able to decide what to do next with the phone call.

Technological Solutions for Crime at Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a competitive firm that offers technological solutions to civil and criminal justice. At Securus we offer a diversity of services, a case in point is monitoring services, public safety, corrections, and investigation. Our primary goal is to mitigate crimes that precede within and outside all incarceration environments.


Our main goal at Securus is to make sure that the rights of the innocent are fully protected against any form of violation. To meet this noble goal, we develop at least one law enforcement and correction product every week.


At Securus, we use feedback from our clients as a benchmark to come up with more advanced and personalized innovations. One satisfied client sent us an email which commended our contraband system. Through this service, they were able to trace a corrupt staff member in their firm. Securus enabled them to get all the phone call information and a search warrant for the perpetrator.


Securus offers monitoring services for incarceration environments. The calls monitored have enabled our clients to track inmate alcohol use and civilian drug trafficking in correction facilities. Our technology has also been resourceful to various incarceration facilities. One of our clients was particularly happy with the level of commitment exhibited at Securus to bring about efficiency in correctional facilities.


According to the letters and emails we receive, our customers are widely attracted to our vision and emerging capabilities in making sure justice is fair to all. For instance, an agency wrote to us about a decline of contraband incidences in their facility. Our collaborative team enabled them to instill proactive measures in deterring communication malpractices in their facility. LBS has also helped several clients in enforcing the law especially in cash transfers, drug, and illegal asset acquisitions.


Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. We offer several services including biometric analysis, incident management, investigation, inmate self-service, monitoring, and information management. We serve over of 3, 450 law enforcement facilities, public safety, and correctional agencies. We also serve more than 1.2 million inmates.


Securus Helps Us Call Family Often

Securus has been the best prison calling option for some time, and they are providing a lovely service to people such as myself. We are calling family in jail every day, and I feel much better using their service every day. We reach out to more than one family member who is in jail, and I hear they are doing work with the police and other government agencies.


#1: The Voice Recognition Software


The software that is used to help recognize voices is used by Securus to help catch criminals, and I feel better knowing they are doing good things for society. It is nice to know they are doing such good work, and I feel good because I know our calls are still secure. The company does quite a lot of work protecting their system.


#2: We Call Often With Video


We have video calls every few days with someone in the family, and I know it means quite a lot to them to check in with us. We want them to know that they are supported, and I feel nice knowing I have given them something that they did not have before. They are living with a sentence that we want to see end, and we will be there when they get out. We tell them this over Securus often, and the calls help us connect.


I feel very good about speaking to family over Securus, and I know the company does quite a lot of work to ensure they are offering aid to the police. We are using the system because we need a video call that will help us connect, and I think it helps our family stay as connected as possible. We are certain we will be a stronger family when everyone gets out of jail.


Securus for Frustrated Prison Families

A lot of individuals are beginning to find that Securus is a great company for their own personal needs. Having a loved one in the prison system can be incredibly hard for a lot of people and can totally change your life and make you feel badly about the situation. You probably do not have the time or funds available for you to make a trip to the prison every single day like you would like to do. The problem with this is that a lot of people lose hope because of the fact that they do not feel there is an easier way to keep in touch with their loved ones.


This is why Securus has launched a multi-state campaign for people who do not necessarily know about the services that they offer. This multi-state campaign is actually raising the awareness of video visitation services that you can actually make use of from the comfort of your own home. This is a wonderful service for all different types of people and can be exactly what you need if this is something that you feel can benefit your life as it has for a lot of other individuals utilizing the services.


My own benefit and experience using Securus has been nothing but amazing and it truly allowed me and my loved ones to keep in touch with a loved one who happens to be behind bars. We can actually do visit with each other no matter where we happen to be in the world and this allows us to Simply use a laptop or computer device that we already own and be able to see our loved ones face-to-face without making a lengthy trip to the prison that is nowhere near located to where we live and it has become an inconvenience because of this.


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