Creativity Comes To The Fore In The Life Of Jon Urbana

We covered his awesome CrowdRise campaign a while ago (I hope you donated!) and now here’s some more that’ll interest you about Jon Urbana.

The world of business often leaves little space for the creative side of its executives to appear, but Ellipse USA head Jon Urbana is proving this does not have to be the case. Instead, Urbana has recently been embracing his creative side in the form of social media accounts, photography and music. The former Villanova lacrosse standout has been looking to prove his worth in his fields of interest instead of seeking to simply be known as the founder of the annual Next Level Lacrosse camps.

Social media has quickly become a major part of the life of Jon Urbana and transcends both his business and personal life. Although Urbana does use Facebook and Slideshare to extend his business reach, he has also looked to develop his passions on these Internet based platforms by including his photography and music careers on the accounts for his followers to enjoy. Jon Urbana, from the looks of his site, appears to have quickly learned there are a large number of people in the world with similar and differing interests who can act as sounding boards for both his business and creative ideas.

Creativity flows through the photography of Jon Urbana, which is on show throughout his Vimeo and social media accounts. Urbana uses his skills as a talented photographer to produce work that reflects his own interests of outdoor activities and food. The food photography produced by Jon Urbana (like these grapes from Sardinia) is amongst the best received of his work and takes in a variety of styles.

Taken during the summer harvest 2015.

The blogs and charity videos Urbana produces also give an insight into the range of influences from the fashion world that have pushed Urbana to improve his own skills.

In recent times the work of Jon Urbana has developed to include many different areas of life, including the music that has been a part of his world for many years. The fact Urbana has been a guitarist is well known, but his styles and influences have recently changed to include electronic music that has allowed Jon Urbana to push his own boundaries. Enjoy his latest track below and feel free to download it.