Brazilian Writers Have A Stylistic Distinction That Is Hard To Ignore

Writers in Brazil come from all walks of life. Many of them are educators, philosophers, journalists, historians and politicians. In Brazil, writers are a special breed that bring the culture together with stylistic distinction that is certainly hard to ignore once people become aware of it. Brazilian writers must manipulate ideas that are philosophical in nature and express them in an artistic fashion. That’s not easy, but writers like Jaime Garcia Dias make it look easy.

Dias is a Brazilian writer and blogger that wears several literary hats. He was born to be a writer. His father was a writer, and he helped Dias learn the mechanics of writing at a very early age. By the time Jaime was 15 he was an impressive writer. But Dias didn’t just want to write. He wanted to teach writing. He described on Facebook that he wanted to teach how to express the stylistic distinction that separates Brazilian writers from other writers around the world. He got his chance when the Carioca Literature Academy in Rio hired him to teach in 1997. It didn’t take long for the school to recognize Dias as a world-class teacher and administrator. Ten years later, Dias was named the president of the Academy.

In order to bring the stylistic distinction that every writer has within them, out, Dias changed the curriculum to reflect what he was trying to teach and that has led to increased international success and resonance with his message. He mentored young writers and helped them develop their own voice when writing and he did it unconventionally. He challenged them to tackle the art of writing as an individual form of creativity that opened a window in the soul. That method of teaching at the Carioca Literature Academy became the norm and before long the Carioca Literature Academy was recognized as the leading teaching institution for young writers.

Even though Dias was teaching and directing the Carioca Literature Academy, he was also writing novels and other works. Some of his essays are published in Brazilian daily Journals, and his novels have won numerous awards.

People that know Dias always ask him to define Stylistic distinction and he quickly responds the same way when asked. Dias says stylistic distinction is the homogenization of political thought, social awareness, economic stability and an innate sense of self. When writers combine those elements of their psychological makeup together and mold them into creative thought that expresses a meaningful story, then the writer has found his own style.

Dias is quick to add that everyone in their own way has creative distinction, and he often tweets about fully realizing this potential, but most people don’t acknowledge it. But once people understand what makes them tick mentally, the art of expressing it becomes an easy process. The students at the Carioca Literature Academy are a good example of the beauty that develops from knowing the self, according to Dias.