Honey Birdette, the Cherished Apparel Retailer, Sets up an E-commerce Site

Honey Birdette recently established an e-commerce platform and unveiled its plans to expand its operations in the United Kingdom. This company plans to launch 40 more stores in various states in the United Kingdom by the end of the 2018 financial year.

Honey Birdette launches an online system

Eloise Monaghan founded Honey Birdette in Brisbane 2006. This company planned to set up an online platform following an increase in sales by 374 percent margin on the United States online platform in the last year. According to Eloise Monaghan, this endeavor is aimed at enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. In the United Kingdom, this company has stores in Westfield White City, Leeds, Victoria Gate, and London’s Covent Garden. Honey Birdette is set to put up other stores in parts of Liverpool, Newcastle, Leeds, and Westfield Stratford. In Australia alone, this brand has more than 55 shops and looks forward to putting up other stores in Europe. Honey Birdette is one of the fastest growing lingerie brands across the globe.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is the leading manufacturer, designer, and marketer of lingerie, beauty products, and women-wear in Australia. This company sells its products to its vast clientele scattered in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and other countries in Europe. Honey Birdette was established by Eloise Monaghan and her colleague in 2006.

The conviction to start a lingerie line came about when Eloise Monaghan and her friend were taking a glass of wine at a local club. They agreed to launch Honey Birdette upon realizing that they could not find classy and affordable lingerie. This company also manufactures and sells lubricants and toys to spice up bedroom affairs. Honey Birdette’s products are unique, affordable, and can be bought from local stores and online. This company also designs bridal accessories in various colors and designs.

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Highland capital management is a SEC- registered investment firm. The firm is one of the biggest and the most experienced world’s best credit managers. The firm specializes in credit strategies, such as credit hedge funds, long only funds and separate accounts. It also specializes in distressed and special situations private equity as well as collaterized loans obligations (CLOs). The cooperation specialized in fixed income markets including management of senior secured bank loans.


The firm has always been known to giving support to investment industries. The firm also provides numerous alternatives equity strategies that tries to deliver equity-like returns over the entire market cycle with reduced risks, volatility and draw-downs than index funds. It offers balanced and disciplined approach to investment, which has allowed it to offer strong and consistent performance in various market settings. Its long and short equity funds typically runs with net long bias results in much lower risk than overall equity market while still catching much inherent upward desire of equity market. As a result, the risk management and capital preservation remains main goal of alternative equity strategies.


Highland capital management has always tried in its quest to invest in emerging markets. The farm has HCB Company which is affiliate company focusing in emerging market credit strategies with main focus in Brazilian corporate debt. It also has highland capital management Korea Limited, an affiliate firm with a health care focus private equity fund with 147 million US dollars in total capital commitments. South Korea’s national pension services is the root investor for the fund.


The firm’s real estate team strongly pursues debt and equity investment opportunities in income generating assets at discounts to cover up the cost. It takes each investment with main intent on relationship between an assets cost and returns after sells. The firm also offers career opportunities to persons. It actively recruits numerous positions and provides jobs to persons of variant backgrounds and experience levels. Most investment professionals in the firm are directors, while a chance to graduate managing director role is based on individual hard work and experience.

Avaaz Generates Global Activism with a Click of a Button

Since 2007, the online activist network Avaaz has encouraged people from around the world to act on national and global issues such as climate change, human rights, government corruption, and poverty. As of July 2017, Avaaz has close to 45 million members serving in 194 countries, and its members have taken over 341 million actions over the past 10 years. Some of these actions include petition signing, emailing, media campaign funding, and event protesting.

Co-founder, president, and executive director Ricken Patel says Avaaz has no ideology other than to unite practical idealists who want to create the world people want. Members are routinely polled to see which issues and campaign ideas are most important to them. Weekly random poll samples of 10,000 members are questioned to see which issues they find the most important. The issues that receive the highest number of votes are then sent out to all other members around the world. Then Avaaz mobilizes its members within several hours to several days to act on the campaigns that are the most critical to its members.

It’s true that the co-founders and members of the leadership team have been involved in progressive politics, but some of Avaaz’s victories are nonpartisan in nature. Some of Avaaz’s campaign victories include:

• Keeping the internet free from corporate control and government censorship
• Providing millions of dollars in aid to survivors of natural and man-made disasters
• Protecting the environment and reducing the effects of climate change
• Providing justice and love to victims of sexual slavery

Some people are criticizing Avaaz for creating laziness in activism through its online petitioning, but Avaaz’s members show up where they are needed, even at the risk of their own lives.

For further information follow Avaaz on Twitter.

Honey Birdette’s International Expansion

Founded in 2006 by friends Eloise Monaghan and Janelle Barboza, Honey Birdette caters to a specific niche in Australian lingerie. While sharing a bottle of champagne, the two friends were discussing the lack of luxurious, provocative lingerie and adult accessories. After some playful ideas, the two created Honey Birdette.
The company started out as a small retail company. After a few successful years, BB Capital invested in their brand. Shortly after that, the two friends began turning Honey Birdette into the company they wanted it to be. They were already producing carefully detailed lingerie and adult products. They wanted to add something more to their brand.
What they added was the Honey Birdette experience. The Honey Birdette experience is comprised of the store’s décor and the talented sales staff known as Honeys. Every boutique is beautifully designed to inspire naughty thoughts.
When visiting a Honey Birdette boutique, customers feel like having a glass of champagne. To make the customer experience worthwhile, Honeys operate the store. Honeys have a particular flirty and sexy sales style. It’s their job to playfully entertain and educate every customer who’s not shy about wanted something naughty in their lives.
With a brand focused on creating an excellent customer experience, it’s no wonder that Honey Birdette is Australia’s hottest lingerie retail company. With 55 stores in Australia, Honey Birdette has begun expanding into Europe; their first stop, the United Kingdom. Currently, there are only a few outlets in the U.K., but Honey Birdette hopes to open 40 more by the end of next year.
They also plan on expanding into the United States. Their new U.S. e-commerce site was tailored to make every U.S. shopper welcomed. Now, U.S. shoppers get free shipping on orders over $50.

Omar Yunes Wins A Huge Recognition For Mexico

For the first time ever Mexico held is own Best Franchisee of The World competition. Normally, the event is held internationally and includes participants from all over the world. In Mexico’s version, however, only franchisees who reside in Mexico were a part of the competition. They held the event as a way to decide who would head on to represent the country at the real BFW international event. Omar Yunes and Iván Tamer were among the top winners for the Mexican version. Omar Yunes is Franchisee of Sushi Itto and Iván Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex.

Both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer attended the Best Franchisee of The World competition held in Florence, Italy this past year. Since they were the winners in the Mexico version of the event, they got to represent Mexico in the international one. Omar Yunes took first place as Best Franchisee for the work he has done with Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a Japanese restaurant chain that Yunes took control of at age 21. In the years since he first became Franchisee, he has opened a total of 13 units and helped improve sales. He also recieved recognition for the way he transformed the traditional relationship franchises had with their franchisees. The changes he made helped customer relations and overall better management of the business.

Ivan Tamer on the other hand, controls a network of Pawnshops called Prendamex. He was recognized at the international BFW Competition for the new management system he put in place. Almost every pawnshop in Mexico is now using the system that Iván Tamer implemented with his franchise. Together, both Ivan Tamer and Omar Yunes are helping Mexico get the recognition the country deserves for the successful and inspiring leaders that they have. Mexico use to be known only in regional events, but after this they are sure to win more awards in the future

Success Academy discipline prevents typical public school problems from occurring

While New York public schools that Success Academy schools share space with continue to have the same problems they have always had — failing students, disciplinary problems, a high dropout rate — Success Academy schools do not.


That is because the network of charter schools has strict disciplinary mandates they expect every student to adhere to, along with a methodology that teaches students learning is fun and that hands on, project-based learning is especially fun.


Success Academy’s strict discipline — Every student in a Success Academy school is expected to follow certain rules.


These rules include working hard, adhering to a strict dress code, being on time, having a high attendance rate, and being expected to suffer the consequences for any infraction.


Students are taught right from being admitted in kindergarten or elementary school that rudeness will not be tolerated, that rules must be followed and that hard work will pay huge rewards. They are also taught there is no such thing as failing, it is just another opportunity to learn and improve.


A tough curriculum — Along with this strict discipline, students at Success Academy schools are also expected to follow a tough curriculum.


This curriculum at Success Academy stresses the need to be good at English, math and sciences, as well as involves them in reading, writing, art, music, debate, sports, chess, robotics, photography and any other subject teachers feel will benefit their students overall progression in life.


Why this curriculum is so successful, however, is not just due to the teachers who instruct their students for no more than 80 minutes a day. It is also down to the way these subjects are taught. By putting students into groups and then letting them explore and learn about the subject by being hands on.


Critical thinking is taught and stressed as well, and students are encouraged to ask questions so that they can learn even faster.


Parents involvement — When you also add the parents into the mix by mandating they are involved in their child’s education both in and outside school, what you have with Success Academy is a winning combination of discipline, hands on learning and parental involvement and, thus, a public school system with none of the problems we are used to seeing.




Dr. Imran Haque: A Reputable Internist Based in North Carolina

Dr. Imran Haque is an internist whose practice is based in Asheboro and Ramseur, North Carolina. He graduated in 1998 from the University of Virginia from the Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program and undertook his residency at Carilion Health System at the Carilion Medical Center. He has more than 15 years experience in his field of specialization, Internal Medicine. Dr. Imran Haque is licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina. He is also enrolled in the Certification Program for Internal Medicine. No board actions, sanctions or malpractice claims have ever been reported against Dr. Imran Haque. Additionally, he speaks four languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. He was awarded the CMS Stage 1 HER in 2013.


Services Offered


The services offered by Dr. Imran Haque include routine physicals, botox, dermal fillers, weight management services, 360 resurfacing, Venus body contouring, and laser hair removal. He serves as a primary care physician and also offers specific treatment services. At his offices, both laboratory and ultrasound services are offered in-house making it very convenient for the patient. Some of the conditions he treats include: anemia, anxiety, asthma, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, congestive heart failure, depression, diabetes, heart disease, emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, obesity, sleep apnea, pulmonary disease, vascular disease, and syncope.


Dr. Imran Haque also performs the following procedures: vaccination, spirometry, urinalysis, thoracentesis, joint injection, physical examination, pap smear, echocardiography, immunization, cardiac imaging, electrocardiogram (EKG), breath testing, biopsy, cardiac myocardial perfusion imaging, allergy shots, allergy treatment, allergy testing, allergy skin testing, and abscess incision and drainage.


Whenever necessary, Dr. Imran Haque refers patients to specialists, but as indicated above, he can diagnose and treat most patients in his office. His patients testify to the fact that he is a very knowledgeable and kind doctor who is ready to listen to his patients. They are also very satisfied with the quality of medical services he provides.


Accepted Insurance Plans


At Dr. Imran Haque’s practice at Horizon Internal Medicine, most major insurance plans are accepted. These plans include Medicare, Multiplan Inc, Dart Member Care, Aetna, Choice Care Network, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gateway Health, Humana, Medicaid, and Health Net.

How Honey Birdette Is Spicing Up Bedrooms Around The World

Honey Birdette is a brand of luxury lingerie and sex toys that originated in Australia. They sell their brand on their online site as well as in retail boutique stores. There are 55 stores in Australia. Over the last year, they have begun expanding their stores into other countries including the United Kingdom and soon the United States as well.
Currently, there are three Honey Birdette stores in the UK with those being in London, Westfield, and Leeds. They have 10 more stores set to open in cities like Liverpool, Newcastle, and Westfield Stratford. They plan on having 40 boutiques in the UK by the end of 2018. Additionally, they are planning more locations at upscale locations in Europe.
Honey Birdette opened a new website for the United States earlier this year. They had seen a surge of nearly 400% in sales from the US which prompted them to open an American e-tailer site specifically for it. Customers will be able to receive clothing faster and have an easier time of returning products. The new website also opens up more of Honey Birdette’s catalog of lingerie than what Americans had access to before.
It was in 2006 that the company’s founder, Eloise Monaghan, launched Honey Birdette. She came up with the idea while sharing champagne with a friend. They both thought that there wasn’t enough exciting lingerie available in order to spice up action in the bedroom. She received backing from BBRC, a private investment company, and launched her solution to this problem.
Honey Birdette boutiques include a lush décor and are called “Pleasure Palaces”. They feature the lingerie and sex toys that are exclusive to this brand. While shopping, customers are treated to champagne that they can sip while finding the perfect outfit to wear in their bedrooms.

A Guide to Ski Machines

How ski machines are made is extremely fundamental. Plainly they are using the action of skiing yet there are no skis joined. Two sheets which reproduce the skis are used and they move propels and in switch on rollers. It’s presently that we go to a convergence in ski machine plot. One form called subordinate skiing machines will have the two sheets associated together, this infers when you push one ski board forward the other is therefore pushed back. This makes it straightforward for student customers to get the hang of the action development required by the machine at any rate it offers significantly to a lesser degree an activity.

On a free ski machine the ski sheets are not associated so the development is indisputably reasonable to crosscountry skiing. Free machines are verifiably harder to pro at any rate once you do, it will give you an enhanced exercise and all the extra wellbeing gets which keep running with it.

For the poling development which works the stomach region a rope and pulley system is used. These entire an incredible activity or imitating the arm movement drew in with crosscountry skiing. Incredible quality ski machines will empower you to uninhibitedly manage your upper and lower body for a total body work out. They are not the most clear home wellbeing machines to use nevertheless and you’ll need to sharpen in order to get your coordination and alter right.

As a tip it’s best to start by just working your legs. When you have this foundation development effectively working in future activities you can begin to incorporate the arm development moreover. It’s tied in with finding the right coordination and making sense of how to ride the machine precisely.

The essayist has been contributing articles and looking over on the web things for different years.

Reasons for the quick success of AXA Advisors


Vincent Parascandola runs the AXA Advisors as Senior Executive Vice President. He has the obligation of performing major operations in the organization like management development, productivity, and the recruitment among many others. His rise to the position has been facilitated by the high experience in the sector where he before the appointment worked. His contribution to the organization’s growth has made him bag numerous awards among the Gama’s career award Development and the Master Agency Awards.

He also has skills in communication .it has seen him talk in the leading conferences like the LIMRA’s Distribution services.


The firm got founded in the year 1817 by Claude Beber. The company has since witnessed an increased expansion. It got facilitated by the company merging with various other farms to form one bigger organization. In a978 it bought the Compagnie Parienne de Garantie and later the Drout Group. Other firms that it has taken over include the Equitable; Union De Paris. In recent years in acquired the Guardian Royal Exchange, Sun Life and Proncial Holdings and the Winterthur group.

It has its headquarters at 25 avenues Matignon Paris in France.It offers a broad range of services like the life, health and casualty insurance also its concerned with investment management. It currently employees more than 166,000 persons and has assets of about $965.38billions placing it among the largest asset owners.It has diversified its services globally.It has branches in UK, Canada. The USA in Gulf and the Middle East, Mexico, the Asia Pacific and African countries.

Philanthropic activities

The organization got built around the policy of giving back to the community through its foundation the AXA Heart Foundation since 2008.The foundation’s aids in the research related activities aimed at caring for the environment. The organization also offers scholarships to various students in the urge of making sure that all persons access education. The firm believes that school makes person’s life of more value. They also have the incentives for the teachers that are aimed to motivate them.

The organizations have also been a keen fundraiser for the great 256 research projects.it has granted a lot of funds that has seen the projects run across 22 countries and researchers from all the parts of the world.