Omar Yunes Wins A Huge Recognition For Mexico

For the first time ever Mexico held is own Best Franchisee of The World competition. Normally, the event is held internationally and includes participants from all over the world. In Mexico’s version, however, only franchisees who reside in Mexico were a part of the competition. They held the event as a way to decide who would head on to represent the country at the real BFW international event. Omar Yunes and Iván Tamer were among the top winners for the Mexican version. Omar Yunes is Franchisee of Sushi Itto and Iván Tamer is Franchisee of Prendamex.

Both Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer attended the Best Franchisee of The World competition held in Florence, Italy this past year. Since they were the winners in the Mexico version of the event, they got to represent Mexico in the international one. Omar Yunes took first place as Best Franchisee for the work he has done with Sushi Itto. Sushi Itto is a Japanese restaurant chain that Yunes took control of at age 21. In the years since he first became Franchisee, he has opened a total of 13 units and helped improve sales. He also recieved recognition for the way he transformed the traditional relationship franchises had with their franchisees. The changes he made helped customer relations and overall better management of the business.

Ivan Tamer on the other hand, controls a network of Pawnshops called Prendamex. He was recognized at the international BFW Competition for the new management system he put in place. Almost every pawnshop in Mexico is now using the system that Iván Tamer implemented with his franchise. Together, both Ivan Tamer and Omar Yunes are helping Mexico get the recognition the country deserves for the successful and inspiring leaders that they have. Mexico use to be known only in regional events, but after this they are sure to win more awards in the future

Success Academy discipline prevents typical public school problems from occurring

While New York public schools that Success Academy schools share space with continue to have the same problems they have always had — failing students, disciplinary problems, a high dropout rate — Success Academy schools do not.


That is because the network of charter schools has strict disciplinary mandates they expect every student to adhere to, along with a methodology that teaches students learning is fun and that hands on, project-based learning is especially fun.


Success Academy’s strict discipline — Every student in a Success Academy school is expected to follow certain rules.


These rules include working hard, adhering to a strict dress code, being on time, having a high attendance rate, and being expected to suffer the consequences for any infraction.


Students are taught right from being admitted in kindergarten or elementary school that rudeness will not be tolerated, that rules must be followed and that hard work will pay huge rewards. They are also taught there is no such thing as failing, it is just another opportunity to learn and improve.


A tough curriculum — Along with this strict discipline, students at Success Academy schools are also expected to follow a tough curriculum.


This curriculum at Success Academy stresses the need to be good at English, math and sciences, as well as involves them in reading, writing, art, music, debate, sports, chess, robotics, photography and any other subject teachers feel will benefit their students overall progression in life.


Why this curriculum is so successful, however, is not just due to the teachers who instruct their students for no more than 80 minutes a day. It is also down to the way these subjects are taught. By putting students into groups and then letting them explore and learn about the subject by being hands on.


Critical thinking is taught and stressed as well, and students are encouraged to ask questions so that they can learn even faster.


Parents involvement — When you also add the parents into the mix by mandating they are involved in their child’s education both in and outside school, what you have with Success Academy is a winning combination of discipline, hands on learning and parental involvement and, thus, a public school system with none of the problems we are used to seeing.

Dr. Imran Haque: A Reputable Internist Based in North Carolina

Dr. Imran Haque is an internist whose practice is based in Asheboro and Ramseur, North Carolina. He graduated in 1998 from the University of Virginia from the Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program and undertook his residency at Carilion Health System at the Carilion Medical Center. He has more than 15 years experience in his field of specialization, Internal Medicine. Dr. Imran Haque is licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina. He is also enrolled in the Certification Program for Internal Medicine. No board actions, sanctions or malpractice claims have ever been reported against Dr. Imran Haque. Additionally, he speaks four languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. He was awarded the CMS Stage 1 HER in 2013.


Services Offered


The services offered by Dr. Imran Haque include routine physicals, botox, dermal fillers, weight management services, 360 resurfacing, Venus body contouring, and laser hair removal. He serves as a primary care physician and also offers specific treatment services. At his offices, both laboratory and ultrasound services are offered in-house making it very convenient for the patient. Some of the conditions he treats include: anemia, anxiety, asthma, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, congestive heart failure, depression, diabetes, heart disease, emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis, obesity, sleep apnea, pulmonary disease, vascular disease, and syncope.


Dr. Imran Haque also performs the following procedures: vaccination, spirometry, urinalysis, thoracentesis, joint injection, physical examination, pap smear, echocardiography, immunization, cardiac imaging, electrocardiogram (EKG), breath testing, biopsy, cardiac myocardial perfusion imaging, allergy shots, allergy treatment, allergy testing, allergy skin testing, and abscess incision and drainage.


Whenever necessary, Dr. Imran Haque refers patients to specialists, but as indicated above, he can diagnose and treat most patients in his office. His patients testify to the fact that he is a very knowledgeable and kind doctor who is ready to listen to his patients. They are also very satisfied with the quality of medical services he provides.


Accepted Insurance Plans


At Dr. Imran Haque’s practice at Horizon Internal Medicine, most major insurance plans are accepted. These plans include Medicare, Multiplan Inc, Dart Member Care, Aetna, Choice Care Network, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Gateway Health, Humana, Medicaid, and Health Net.

How Honey Birdette Is Spicing Up Bedrooms Around The World

Honey Birdette is a brand of luxury lingerie and sex toys that originated in Australia. They sell their brand on their online site as well as in retail boutique stores. There are 55 stores in Australia. Over the last year, they have begun expanding their stores into other countries including the United Kingdom and soon the United States as well.
Currently, there are three Honey Birdette stores in the UK with those being in London, Westfield, and Leeds. They have 10 more stores set to open in cities like Liverpool, Newcastle, and Westfield Stratford. They plan on having 40 boutiques in the UK by the end of 2018. Additionally, they are planning more locations at upscale locations in Europe.
Honey Birdette opened a new website for the United States earlier this year. They had seen a surge of nearly 400% in sales from the US which prompted them to open an American e-tailer site specifically for it. Customers will be able to receive clothing faster and have an easier time of returning products. The new website also opens up more of Honey Birdette’s catalog of lingerie than what Americans had access to before.
It was in 2006 that the company’s founder, Eloise Monaghan, launched Honey Birdette. She came up with the idea while sharing champagne with a friend. They both thought that there wasn’t enough exciting lingerie available in order to spice up action in the bedroom. She received backing from BBRC, a private investment company, and launched her solution to this problem.
Honey Birdette boutiques include a lush décor and are called “Pleasure Palaces”. They feature the lingerie and sex toys that are exclusive to this brand. While shopping, customers are treated to champagne that they can sip while finding the perfect outfit to wear in their bedrooms.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America-Professionals Who Care

In conjunction with NantHealth and Allscripts, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is putting in place a system that will give NantHealth access to the Electronic Health Record that is enabled by Allscripts Sunrise. This will help the Clinical Pathways Program keep information current in the cancer treatment process. All available Treatment options are presented through Clinical Pathways and it allows doctors to avoid possible guesswork and ambiguous decisions, since they are constantly being presented with new oncology research. Clinical Pathways helps combine all the latest information available in Cancer Research with the priority given to the patient. This gives patients a wide range of options to choose from with treatments that are geared for each individual.
What makes the Cancer Treatment Centers of America unique is that the professionals there aren’t treating a host of different conditions. They treat only one thing – cancer, and they strive to give each patient personalized care. With locations in Atlanta, Tulsa, Chicago, Phoenix, and Philadelphia, the physicians at Cancer Treatment Centers of America take the time to get to know the patient so they can develop an individualized treatment plan. This includes therapies to help the patient manage the side effects of treatment, maintain their strength and stamina, and quality of life.
In the hospitals of CTCA, the standard theraphies of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and immunotherapy are used, along with innovative methods of treating and managing depression, anxiety, nausea, fatigue, and pain. Cancer Treatment Centers of America presently has their headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, after having been originally based in Schaumburg, Illinois.

For further information follow CTCA on Facebook.

Reasons for the quick success of AXA Advisors


Vincent Parascandola runs the AXA Advisors as Senior Executive Vice President. He has the obligation of performing major operations in the organization like management development, productivity, and the recruitment among many others. His rise to the position has been facilitated by the high experience in the sector where he before the appointment worked. His contribution to the organization’s growth has made him bag numerous awards among the Gama’s career award Development and the Master Agency Awards.

He also has skills in communication .it has seen him talk in the leading conferences like the LIMRA’s Distribution services.


The firm got founded in the year 1817 by Claude Beber. The company has since witnessed an increased expansion. It got facilitated by the company merging with various other farms to form one bigger organization. In a978 it bought the Compagnie Parienne de Garantie and later the Drout Group. Other firms that it has taken over include the Equitable; Union De Paris. In recent years in acquired the Guardian Royal Exchange, Sun Life and Proncial Holdings and the Winterthur group.

It has its headquarters at 25 avenues Matignon Paris in France.It offers a broad range of services like the life, health and casualty insurance also its concerned with investment management. It currently employees more than 166,000 persons and has assets of about $965.38billions placing it among the largest asset owners.It has diversified its services globally.It has branches in UK, Canada. The USA in Gulf and the Middle East, Mexico, the Asia Pacific and African countries.

Philanthropic activities

The organization got built around the policy of giving back to the community through its foundation the AXA Heart Foundation since 2008.The foundation’s aids in the research related activities aimed at caring for the environment. The organization also offers scholarships to various students in the urge of making sure that all persons access education. The firm believes that school makes person’s life of more value. They also have the incentives for the teachers that are aimed to motivate them.

The organizations have also been a keen fundraiser for the great 256 research has granted a lot of funds that has seen the projects run across 22 countries and researchers from all the parts of the world.


Talk Fusion New Video Chat Solution Bags a Technology Marketing Corporation Award

A revolutionary Video Chat product from Talk Fusion has been recognized by a leading marketing technology corporation. According to an excerpt published in on August 2016, the Video Chat solution was awarded the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award for being the best data, voice and video communication facilitating solution. The award is issued annually by the Technology Marketing Corporation to firms that excel in the communication sector. The newly unveiled Talk Fusion Video Chat uses WebRTC technology, which makes it easy for various parties to communicate face to face with each other using various devices, from location.


The devices covered include desktop computers and Smartphone. The Video Chat app can be purchased on both Google Play and Apple iTunes stores. Commenting on the recognition, the CEO of Talk Fusion Mr. Rich Tehrani said in a press release that he was greatly honored by the award. He added that he felt great to see his firm recognized as one of the revolutionaries in the communication sector in 2016. In a rejoinder, the company Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Ryan Page said the achievement meant many more great things will come in the firm’s way. Talk Fusion maintains an active presence on the social media, on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a marketing solutions provider, best recognized for its all in one Video Marketing Solution. According to the company website, the marketing solution is designed to generate sales and make marketing efforts engaging, memorable and persuasive. The push is driven by studies that show having videos on webinars, emails, blogs and newsletters is a better strategy for engaging prospects and customers compared to regular text communication. According to the company, incorporating video communication in email can increase the level of engagement by 44%, a strategy that makes it easy for most customers to buy a product. Besides promoting sales, the company also helps clients attract customers and gain market edge. The firm was established in 2007 by Bob Reina, who is also the company CEO, an excerpt on PRNewswire reveals.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Has Linked Dentistry With Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has made many advancements in technology for those with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a very destructive condition that can cause diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke. The scary thing is that 90% of those with sleep apnea remain undiagnosed.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel has started the Dental Sleep Masters to increase awareness of this condition. Dental Sleep Masters has created a new method for primary and secondary care physicians to help diagnose and treat sleep apnea. They aim to team up with dentists and primary care physicians to tackle the disease in a new way. Dentists may find new opportunities dedicating their practices towards the treatment of sleep apnea.


Previous treatment methods have proven to not be very efficient and treating sleep apnea. THN Sleep Therapy is a newly developed device that was approved by the FDA and will be used to treat new patients. There are also new implant treatments that are much more convenient and less invasive than the traditionally used breathing machines. Upper airway stimulation was also approved in 2014 and patients are waking up less often during the night with the treatment.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an expert in sleeping disorders. He has over 15 years of dentistry experience has opened his own practice in 1999. He has experimented with the relation of dental care and sleeping disorders and have found dental treatments to be useful for sleep apnea. Since 2014, he has been the owner of the Dental Sleep Masters.


Dr. Weisfogel was educated at Rutgers University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. He obtained his dental degree from the New York University College of Dentistry. In 2015 he started a gofundme project for Project Smile, which is a charitable organization that provides free surgeries for children that have been born with deformities. He manages his own WordPress blog and is active on Twitter.

QNet: Expanding as a Model Coorporation

QNet is an on-line marketing and ordering company that is based in Hong Kong. They have a user-friendly website divided into nine categories. Customers can choose items from over thirty different brand names that they trust. Many of these are health and lifestyle products that people buy every day. QNet has expanded their Asian-based business to offices around the world.

QNet customers who regularly buy products for nutrition, beauty, and wellness can easily purchase them online. They can also shop for gifts of jewelry and Swiss watches in the comfort of their homes. Online learning courses, vacation packages, and other services can be purchased.

In 2012, Qnet began focusing their product development on life enhancement. There is a global trend in health awareness, and this company is a leader in products such as water and air filtration. Weight management and education products are also available.

One of their unique brand of energy range products is the “Amezcua” brand. They have a contract with a company in Germany who has been producing glass for over a century. They are world-renowned for their glass products. Customers eagerly order the chi pendants and bio-discs that are exclusive to Qnet’s branding.

Behind this thriving company is a leader who garners worldwide trust. Joseph Bismark leads Qnet with a unique philosophy that blends Eastern thought with Western technology. From a tender age, Bismark attended a monastery in his native Philippine Islands. He studied and practiced the philosophy of mindfulness and being present in the moment. He also embraced compassion and the theory that all things in the universe are connected.

After leaving the monastery, he pursued a career in marketing and technology. With his modern training, he kept the philosophy that he studied. As a QNet founder, Bismark spreads his unique gifts of compassion for all of his employees. Even though a healthy bottom line is important, it is not the most important aspect of business. Bismark continually tells his employees that they matter and are just as much part of the company’s success as he is.

For Bismark and his managers, a cherished employee is a productive employee. He teaches his managers to be considerate and to be a team with the employees. This philosophy extends to customer service and all other aspects of the business. Bismark and the Qnet team are expanding their business over the world and are a successful model for other companies.

QNET, A Successful Multi-Level Marketing Firm In Asia

QNET is a Malaysian Company specialized in direct selling. This company has been in the forefront in offering latest technology products in diverse markets. It is the first company in Asia to provide an eCommerce platform. Its core mission and business model is designed to enable ordinary people across the world start their own business with minimal capital and tech knowledge. The company has partnered with dedicated and hard working QNET distributors by empowering them to become stable economically and raise their living standards and that of their families and communities.

Today, this multi-level marketing firm has a strong reach and has become one of the top-tier lifestyle and wellness direct selling companies in Asia. Its customers are distributed in more than 200 countries. They have opened more than 25 main offices and agency partnerships across the globe. According to JR Mayer, QNET’s Managing Director, the company’s success has been as a result of the product of timing and innovative thinking, coupled with offering useful products.

QNET does not fear its competitors. In fact, they have been supporting other upcoming e-Commerce platforms. For example, when Singapore announced the Globby E-Commerce Platform as an alternative e-Commerce platform, QNET openly supported and welcomed this idea behind electronic commerce. The company’s top management and Partners believe that the development of the e-commerce market is important for future growth.

The company plan to move much of their product manufacturing to India. This move is likely to create more jobs for the youth, women and disabled in India. Currently, some of its goods are already in the production units in India.
The force behind QNET’s success is Mr. Joseph Bismark. Mr. Joseph Bismark is the co-founder of Qi group and has been serving as the company’s Managing Director since 2008. The guy is the cornerstone of Qi Limited. He has played an important role in maintaining the company’s solid foundation and its tremendous growth.

Anybody who has interacted with Mr. Bismark will tell you that he is not only a talented person but also a dynamic and versatile leader. He is also a committed advocate of healthy living and a firm believer in spiritual growth. He has dedicated much of his time and resources to RYTHM Foundation, a Corporate Social Responsibility branch of Qi group. RYTHM Foundation is the company’s branch formed to give back to the society.