Greg Secker Trades With the World

Greg Secker is a young multi-millionaire in the trading and entrepreneur industries. He started working for Thomas Cook Financial Services and then quickly moved to the Foreign Exchange, were he worked the Virtual Trading Desk. The Virtual Trading Desk was the first online trading platform in real time. He worked to help people received real time quotes for huge foreign exchange transactions. Secker and his career quickly rose to fame and at 25 was named the Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation which was a Fortune 500 investment bank. At the age of 27, Greg Secker decided to retire from Mellon Financial Corporation. Three months after retirement, Secker started his own trading company in his house called “Learn to Trade’. Over nine years, Secker has done trading seminars and workshops around the world. He now has offices in London, Sydney, Cape Town and Johannesburg and has been up for numerous awards while being ranked beside big contenders in the trading industry. Secker now travels the world speaking at major events and spending his time trying to educate individuals about trading and how to profit from it. With his early success, Greg Secker is big on giving back to his community and supports any charities. He has also sat up charitable foundations of his own, the Greg Secker Foundation.

Greg Secker sat down was to answer a few questions about him and his works. Secker starts for by talking about how he started his coaching business on part opportunity and other part boredom. He took his knowledge of trading and decide to start teaching people because he believed it would inspire them and was better than sitting in front of a computer all day. He wanted to motivate people and felt that physically sitting with someone, on a one to one basis, can be better implement the process. He explained that no two days are alike and that he spends most of his time speaking or directing his foundation. Thinking is a process that he takes seriously and uses it to help him bring his ideas to life. Also thinking is accredited to what makes him a productive entrepreneur. He spoke about Gary Vaynerchuk, being a great influencer and recommended that the community should read “ Tools of Titans”