The amazing life story of Tony Petrello

Antony Petrello was born and raised in Newark N.J. He attended public school and while he was in high school he was known for his math abilities. This led to recognition by Yale University who offered him a scholarship. He received his bachelor and masters from Yale University and while in Yale he assisted Serge Lang in his number theory work, complex theorems that most university students couldn’t understand. Petrello also known for his sense of humor and an outgoing character and as luck would have it he met the love of his life Cynthia Petrello in Yale.

After Petrello graduated from Yale ,he joined Harvard law school and in 1979 he began his career in an American law firm Baker &McKenzie. His specialty was business law with a bias towards taxation and arbitration. Its while at Bakers that he was assigned to work with a company called Nabors industries. Nabors which is based I Hamilton and is a n oil, gas and geothermal drilling contractor which has been in operation since 1968.The managers at Nabors were impressed with his analytical skills and lobbied to have him join the Nabors team. He joined Nabors in 1991 and became the Chief operating officer and took a seat in the board later that year. His achieved a lot and helped build the company and due to that he became the president in 1992.

Through his leadership Nabors was able to buy off a firm called Grace drilling in 1993 at cost of $ 32million and in 2010 Nabors acquired superior Wells services. Currently Petrello is the CEO of Nabors a position he took up on 28th Oct 2011,he was also named the chairman of the board and the chairman of the boards executive committee. During his reign in Nabors the company has seen tremendous growth. Tony has held other positions which include director of, director of Hilcorp energy and he is currently the director at the steward and Stevenson.

Petrello is not successful in the boardroom, but he is also an outstanding family man. Petrello and Cynthia are blessed with a daughter Carena. Carena who is 8 year old suffers from a condition known as preventricular Leukomalacia which is a caused by lack of oxygen or flow of blood to the brain. The petrellos in a bid to help other children with similar condition have donated arounnd and 7million to Texas children hospital where Tony is a board member. The hospital was able to construct a pediatric neurological center, now known as Jan and Dan Neurological research institute. The institute treats children from across the globe. Petrello has also helped raised million of dollars towards charitable organizations.

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