The NBA And Its History Summarized

The National Basketball Association, better known as the NBA, has a rich business, cultural history and background. It is the world’s most famous men’s pro basketball organization, and it is known and followed in every part of the world that happens to have a television set. NBA players are the best paid athletes on the entire planet, and they make more money than players in the NFL, and they also make better money than professional baseball players in the United States.

The headquarters of the National Basketball Association is generally regarded as being at a building in New York City, New York called Olympic Tower. The NBA television and entertainment studios function out of office buildings in Secaucus, New Jersey though. They stay in close proximity to one another, and many team offices that will host and be frequented by many of the teams’ investors and owners can be seen at Olympic Tower due the fact that many teams have their offices located out of the building in New York City.

The history of the NBA starts with the Basketball Association of America which was founded by many of the owners of a lot of the major ice hockey arenas located all over the United States and Canada. November 1, 1946 is a monumental day in the history of basketball, the NBA and the Basketball Association of America because the New York Knickerbockers played the Toronto Huskies in Maple Leaf Gardens in what is considered the very first major league basketball game to be played according to the NBA. A man named Ossie Schectman that played for the Knickerbockers has the distinction as being the first man to ever score a basket in a professional basketball game. There were many attempts at other big time leagues, but the difference between the other leagues and the Basketball Association of America, which the NBA considers its predecessor, was that most failed, and the BAA was the first organization that played in major arenas despite their quality of games being roughly the same as competing organizations. There was a merger between the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball league in 1949, and the BAA officially changed its name to the National Basketball association that we see today.

The NBA is a powerhouse, and that has led to major money and investments in teams like the investment Bruce Levenson on made when he purchased the Atlanta Hawks. These days team owners seem to come and go, and they can, and many often do, become just as well known as the players in the ball clubs they own. Levenson decided to buy low and sell the Hawks high, and when he did there were snickers behind his back, but it was Levenson that laughed all the way to the bank. Although he was quoted a billion for the Hawk’s worth, he didn’t get his billion, but Levenson made the biggest buy low and sell high profit ever made in regards to the buying and selling of an NBA club.