American Woman Killed by Lion Attack at Safari Park in South Africa

Boraie Development also reports that amid clear warning signs that cautioned visitors at a safari park outside of Johannesburg, South Africa to stay in their vehicles with the windows rolled up, one American visitor chose not to heed the forewarning and lost her life after a lion attacked her thru an open car window. The unnamed 22-year old woman was photographing lions through the open window as the animal slowly approached her. The lion is said to have then leapt at the woman through the open window, biting her as her tour operator companion tried to free the woman from the lion’s grip.

Witnesses were honking their horns to alert staff of the attack as they quickly came to the scene and chased the lion away. The staff attempted first aid on the woman before an ambulance arrived only minutes later. They were, unfortunately, unable to save the woman, and she was pronounced dead at the scene. The tour guide that was in the driver’s seat, also with his window down, was taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries he sustained while trying to fend off the lion.

The animal safari park named Lion Park has since moved the animal involved to a secondary location while an investigation is conducted. Assistant operations manager, Scott Simpson, said that the animal will not be euthanized and that the park would remain open for business. In a statement made by Lion Park, they expressed their sympathies for the woman and her family, while also indicating that visitors need to remember that these are wild and dangerous creatures. A pamphlet with the parks warnings and safety rules was found on the passenger seat where the woman was attacked.