The Master of Technology is no other than expert Robert Deignan

The technology business has gotten more exciting and more enhanced within the last 15 years. People rely on technology now more than ever these days. Robert Deignan is a business owner who can definitely vouch for the growth of technology because has been an expert in the technology business for almost 20 years. Passionately pursuing entrepreneurship, Deignan put his B.S. in Business Management to work. Three years after graduating he co-founded his first business called Fanlink. He wasted no time making sure he was involved in learning how to operate a successful business. He already had a dedication for technology as well as customer service.

Spending three years with Fanlink lead Robert Deignan into vice president at iS3 inc. iS3 is a software company which supports technological needs. This position allowed Deignan to expand his mind in the technology world even deeper. With all of this experience he was now in position to become the founder and CEO with his currently thriving company ATS Digital Services, LLC, which he started in August of 2011.

ATS employs experts in supporting cellular service including, activation, setup and repairs. For computer or tablet issues,once given permission, ATS can provide assistance remotely. That allows for the convenience of not needing to visit a store and not having someone to come to your house unless you request some physical hands on help. Deignan requires that any ATS customer receives exceptional service. ATS employees are equipped to handle difficulties and support any changes. As fast as technology changes ATS is sure to stay on top of it with the latest software and gadgets. Because of the services provided by ATS and the dedication to customers, Deignan was able to secure a partnership with AppEsteem. AppEsteem only partners with companies that have shown a great deal of superior support services in a software environment. Staying up-to-date keeps ATS running smoothly and he is living out his passion and purpose through technology

Image Recognition Software: Using Slyce to Enhance Online Shopping Experiences

Image recognition is what drives sales on the Internet. Slyce offers businesses an online marketing and sales avenue that is easy to use. How does Slyce do this? It’s simple. Instead of manually having to download images, wait for images to come up and utilize two or three different programs, Slyce provides a seamless solution that integrates all three tasks in one easy to use solution.

What does Slyce do?
Slyce provides image recognition software that is specifically designed to be used with Smartphones. The software utilizes and taps in the numerous databases to match images to products online. This is done in three ways depending on what the customer wants to do.

Snap to Buy: This solution allows the customer to scan a product and instantaneously buy the product online.
Snap to Discover-This solution allows the customer to scan a barcode or QR code on an advertisement. She then can see if the products are what she really wants and where they are.

Snap to List- This solution allows the customer to make a shopping list of all the products she wants to buy online.

What makes Slyce different from Amazon?
The major difference between Slyce’s image recognition software and Amazon’s image recognition software is that Amazon relies on OCR, logo identification and visual shorthand cues. Slyce utilizes image recognition software that is intuitive and highly sensitive to image resolution. It can for example pull up images that are outside their original containers and match them with images online. The software goes one step further in allowing the customer to see and instantly purchase the product.

Why do I need Slyce for my online business?
As more and more people use their Smartphones to purchase products online, it is definitely prudent to get the best image recognition software. Online businesses benefit from Slyce’s quick and intuitive image recognition software. Customers benefit from being able to instantaneously buy products online, make comparisons and create wish lists.

Do I need any special equipment or can it be integrated in existing software?
Although Slyce is specifically designed for Smartphones, this application can be used with desktops as well. The same principle applies. The customer can click on an image and instantaneously purchase the product. There is no special equipment involved and the business can incorporate the image recognition software into their existing marketing software. In fact, Slyce’s image recognition software will enhance a business’s online reputation by allowing customers the freedom to select the products they want to purchase from various online stores at once.

Slyce Taking Impulse Buying To Another Level

Picture this; you see a t-shirt on a colleague, in a store or on a shelf at the dry cleaners. You take your smart-phone, click on an app that belongs to a major retailer, and then take a picture of it. Immediately, the app matches your search and redirects you to a page where you can purchase one of your own.

Slyce is the new visual search software that allows consumers to take a photo, upload it and instantly buy the item they had seen in real life.

Description of Slyce
Slyce is a white label solution and an independent consumer application which is integrated with existing online retail shops. Slyce is available on both desktops as well as smart-phones. The software enables retailers to be virtually available at the consumer’s point of interest. Whether a consumer sees something they want while walking, or in an image in their favorite social media site, they can be able to buy it.

Changes that have been brought about by Slyce
Slyce has brought a change in how consumers and retailers interact and still how consumers search for goods to purchase. Entrepreneurs have always looked at business ventures and life with an aim of improving it and creating a conducive environment in which transactions will be done more efficiently while avoiding a costly middleman.

The infant Idea behind Slyce
While Mr. Cameron Chell was on holiday doing shopping in 2011, he realized the power delivered by smartphones. He saw its capabilities beyond its way of people sharing information and images just by a click of an application.

Then he asked himself the ‘what if’ question: “What if he could enable users of smartphones to find and buy things they need via uploading images, and what if he could place retailers on that holy- grail of virtually engaging with customers at the exact point they get inspired to purchase anything?”

Slyce marketing strategy
The marketing strategy of Slyce is primarily centered on building relationships with existing leading retail brands, and providing its technology as a white labeled m-commerce solution.

Market Opportunity For Slyce
Slyce market opportunity is with no doubt big. M-commerce via smartphones has brought a big flow of revenue and a great consideration for retailers. Mobile shopping accounted for more than 39% of all the online traffic during their first launch.
By creating an intuitive way for consumers to find and purchase the goods they love, wherever they’re, simply by taking pictures, Slyce has made the journey of impulse buying to ownership less time consuming.

For big online retailers, Slyce app has enabled them to be there at the point of customer inspiration so as to fulfill their customers craves, wherever they might be.

Slyce challenges and new moves
At Slyce, they recognized that they needed to do better than just visual search. This was because most of their customers took pictures, uploaded them but didn’t purchase anything. Now Slyce is working on how to expand and open their own online store with good competitive prices.