Pets Take a Bite out of the Summertime Heat with Goettl Air Conditioning

With summertime temperatures in Las Vegas occasionally reaching up to 120 degrees, high-quality and reliable air conditioning repair is essential to Las Vegas residents. Goettl Air Conditioning has become the go-to company for many folks in need of urgent air conditioning repair. A properly working air conditioning unit is not just a luxury but can also be a matter of life and death, especially for pets. Protecting humans and their animal companions has become a passion for Goettl employees, read more about that here:

Goettl has a long history of heating and air conditioning servicing dating all the way back to 1939. The original founders, Gust and Adam Goettl, first introduced the company to the Las Vegas metro area in 1968. In addition to Las Vegas, Goettl serves the Phoenix and Tucson metro areas. Ken Goodrich is credited with bringing the company back to Las Vegas earlier this year following a departure from the area beginning in 2007.

As seen on the company’s website, services offered include air conditioning unit installation, maintenance and round-the-clock emergency service. Of course, even in Arizona and Nevada, temperatures do dip down to require heating. Goettl also provides heating services that includes gas and electric furnace installation and all-encompassing home service plans that keep all heating elements in working order.

Perhaps Goodrich’s passion for air conditioning services to fellow citizens comes from advice given to him from his father. His father told then 10-year-old Ken that “When a person needs help, you respond right away, not when it’s convenient for you”. This basic customer service value has help keep the business not only financially sound but also growing.

Recently, as seen in an article in business magazine Nevada Business, Goettl provided several tips to pet owners in order help them keep their animals safe from the summertime heat. Tips included keeping pets off hot surfaces, applying pet-safe sunscreen before going outdoors, staying groomed properly for the heat, making sure they have easy access to water, getting a small pool and keeping pets away from dangerous chemicals that might leak from containers due to high temperatures in garages.