Squaw Valley Holdings Wins The Incorporation Battle

Andy Wirth is the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings, a company located in Lake Tahoe. His main objective while working in the resort is ensuring that the ski area is the top tourist destination internationally.

During his term as the CEO of the resort, Andy Wirth has worked hard to improve the environmental and also the community service institution in the community. He wants the area to be the best for everyone, regardless of their age.

He had a nearly fatal accident while skydiving. He spent three months in hospital recovering, and several surgeries were performed on his arm. After the fatal accidents, he realized how difficult it can be to get back to playing, and that’s when he co -founded the Ironman team. Their group is known as Wounded Warrior Support. The main aim of the group is to honor the fine men participating in the Navy SEALs. The team has been supportive, raising funds for the Navy Foundation.

Andy Wirth and the communities in Lake Tahoe have been having sleepless nights for some years now. The whole area has not been experiencing enough rains, and this affected the winter resorts and the small businesses that depend on the resorts. The north shore communities were having a disaster. Almost all the businesses, regardless of the specialization.

The drought was not the only problem that Andy and his community were facing. A certain group in the community wanted Olympic Valley to be incorporated, and this brought political instability in the area, worsening the already bad situation. Olympic Valley is the area that houses Squaw Valley Holdings and many other important winter resorts in Lake Tahoe.

However, Andy Wirth and the Tahoe community can afford a smile. Things seem to be getting in place after several years. All issues seem to be getting solved, and if the people work hard, the environment in the area will return to normal. First of all, nature offered them early storms, bringing an end to the long-lasting drought.

The early storms from Mother Nature were accompanied by very cold temperatures. This has never been experienced in the past ten years, and the community took advantage of the situation and opened their resorts and businesses earlier than usual. This means that they will make more money than usual, compensating their loss.

The group in the community that was supporting the incorporation effort has also withdrawn, bringing the much-needed calm in the political climate. The incorporation of Olympic Valley would have resulted in high taxes to the community, and this means that the people’s problems have all been solved.

Andy Wirth’s organization had spent thousands of dollars opposing Olympic Valley Incorporation, and the withdrawal from the backers of the motion will serve as a victory to the Squaw Valley Holdings.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

Winter Destinations: The Beautiful Squaw Valley Ski Resort


Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. It is one of the largest ski areas in the United States, making it a popular ski destination for winter travelers from around the world. Its highest point is at Granite Chief at 9,050 feet. And it boasts one of the longest ski seasons in Lake Tahoe, thanks to the average 450 inches of snow it receives each year.

Squaw valley opened in 1949 under the direction of Alex Cushing. The resort was originally modeled after ski destinations from around Europe. Upon opening, it featured restaurants, a swimming pool, an ice rink and other attractions on the mountain. It’s immense popularity did not come until 1960, however, when the resort gained world-wide visibility by hosting the Winter Olympics.

In 2010, Andrew Wirth was officially named the CEO of Squaw Valley. He immediately began work on a $70 million upgrade to the resort. The much needed upgrades brought Squaw Valley back into a competitive position with ski destinations around the globe. Wirth’s continued diligence as CEO was shown again in 2012 when he led the acquisition of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort in a merger with Squaw Valley.

Today, the joint resorts now offer 43 lifts, 270 trails, and access to 6,200 acres of skiable area. There is a wide variety of slopes and terrain for everyone from the most inexperienced skier all the way up to the expert looking to challenge themselves. There is even an area specifically designed for young children offering mini snowmobiles and snow tubing for all ages. Meanwhile, for those times when you would like to take a break from the action, or for those family members who are less inclined to skiing, there is the beautiful Village at Squaw Valley which boasts nearly 60 restaurants, boutiques and art galleries.