The Simpsons May Lose Several Main Characters

Harry Shearer, who is the voice behind several characters on The Simpsons, he is now leaving the show. The Simpsons is currently in its 26th season, and they have signed contracts for two more seasons, which will go through the 28th season. The Simpsons. Everyone sign the contract, except for Harry, and negotiations recently broke down. Every cast member was given the same deal, but for some reason, Harry decided not to take the deal.

It’s very sad if Harry does not come back to the show, as he plays several popular characters according to STX Entertainment. Principal Skinner, Mr. burns, and Ned Flanders are all played by Harry Shearer. It’s unknown if the characters will be recast with a different voice-over, or if they’ll retire all the characters. All three characters as well as Mr Smithers and other characters, they are all played by Harry Shearer, and it may be necessary to hire several voice overs to fill the spots.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to negotiate and bring Harry back as these characters have been in the show since the show started over 25 years ago. Homer Simpson is the highest paid character in the show, so it’s difficult to understand why Harry feels he should get more than the main character of the show. The voice-over who plays Homer Simpson, he also does several other voices in the show too. Maybe Harry will come to his senses and rejoin the show.