An Insight on NY Real Estate Industry

To live in New York and surrounding areas is a great experience. NYC luxury real estate industry is booming with business since many people are moving in to buy homes around this area. According to a recent New York Times recap, many home buyers in New York are targeting homes with private gardens. The residents are comfortable when maintaining their own yards. In Staten Island, there are numerous available listings that have private outdoor space. This is quite different as compared to other boroughs where your will struggle to find a listing with private backyard.

In Manhattan, there are affordable listings with outdoor space although they have not specified their nature. Around this area, many residents share the yards with neighbors. Residents of Brooklyn can find listings that cost less than $500,000 with Japanese maple outdoor space. When you move deeper into this area, you will find more homes with private gardens and are less expensive. People who perform extensive search in this area will be able to get the best outdoor space they prefer since there are several listings available.

In other areas, it would be almost impossible to find a home that its outdoor space is not shared. The city of Bronx is densely populated and real estate in this area is expensive. As you move away from this city, you will find homes with amazing sweeping views. Also, there are apartments with spacious balcony where you can place some furniture. According to real estate experts, balcony normally increases the cost of buying an apartment by approximately ten percent. They argue that the space in a balcony is almost half that of an indoor room.

In Upper Manhattan, you can find homes with large outdoor space but roof decks and courtyards are shares with neighbors. Locating a home for less than $1 million in Midtown Manhattan would be difficult since most of them are expensive. Also, in Queens, homes are very expensive and it would not be easy to find one with private garden.

Engaging the right professional in NY real estate is very crucial. TOWN Residential is a firm that would help you to locate and buy your dream home in NY and surrounding area. This firm has transformed real estate sector in New York since it was established in 2010. The firm has relevant expertise from qualified professionals who understands the industry as well as the needs of the clients. TOWN Residential offers reliable solutions to homebuyers in NY.

An Overview of TOWN Residential Firm

Town Residential is a NYC real estate Development Company based in New York. The company is committed to the continuous provision of transparency by sharing what it considers highly proprietary data. The company has registered over $1.5 billion in leasing and sale volume in the first six months of this year. In June this year, the firm has already done 512 sales transactions, which is a 34% increase over the same period in 2014. The company planned to open the tenth Manhattan outpost office since its establishment three years ago. The new office seeks to improve the access of essential swath of neighborhood Residential along the Hudson.

The Establishment and Achievements of TOWN Residential Company

The firm was established to benefit the TOWN residents and the whole society in general. Since its inception in 2010, marketplaces and the industries have broadly accepted Town Residential Company globally, as the top most real estate brand. The firm is currently in execution mode for its business plans and seeks to make 45% profits as compared to last year. Doubling for the town’s fifth avenue office is the most recent company’s achievement.

Reasons Why TOWN Residential is the Leading Luxury Firm

The company is doing well in executing its plans and has set in motion other high-level standards that have brought revolution in the industry. This is evidenced by the way other top firms have taken note and started adjusting their strategies to the firm’s tune. For instance, some companies have enacted a strict dress code for their employees, using larger and clearer photos on their websites and logos, have lesser clutter in their marketing materials, and much-organized offices. Others have started hosting morale building concerts and tours to appeal to a larger market. All these changes were initiated and implemented by the Town Residential firm and after seeing the success achieved by the company, other companies implemented them.

Competitors or Collaborators?

Other top luxury firms work in collaboration with TOWN Residential. In the industry, 80% of the deals sealed are shared equally via a co-brokerage commission. The sales are split evenly, and, therefore, all the parties are winners. This brings us to the conclusion that, other top luxury firms are not just competitors, rather partners.

TOWN Residential Services

TOWN Residential Company is very open about the ways its clients, customers and equality significant, its representatives are served and treated. The firm addresses real estate experiences from the first point a customer gets in touch with TOWN. The firm refers to its brokers as representatives. They use the term ‘representatives’ to describe what is done more accurately than the term ‘brokers’. However, ‘broker’may be used to refer to a transaction executed in selling and buying of property for a commission.