Samuel Strauch Conducts An Interview With Ideamensch

The first question that Samuel Strauch was asked on Ideamensch was how did he come up with the idea to start his own real estate development firm.

Mr. Strauch responded by saying that he noticed two things about the real estate market in Miami when he settled down in South Florida. The first thing he noticed was that Miami had seen a boom in real estate development and construction. The second thing Samuel Strauch noticed was that Miami was quickly becoming a major city on the ocean and not just a vacation destination anymore. This made him realize that he could easily find international investors for his projects and developments. It also made him realize that he could easily find investors to fund and invest in his projects.

Ideamensch’s second question given to Samuel Strauch was how does a typical work day unfold for him and what does he do to make it productive. Samuel Strauch says that his days often look different from one another. Things that he does do routinely are meeting with clients, making followups on interested parties and talking with brokers, investors, potential clients, and business colleagues of his. By talking and meeting new people, Strauch says he is able to find new clients, discover new developments and properties and come up with new ideas. Samuel Strauch also says that it can actually be fun and exiting to develop and build relationships.

Another question that Mr. Strauch was asked on his Ideamensch interview was what is a business strategy that has helped him expand his real estate business and how. Samuel Strauch responded by saying you should always look at your business decisions through a lens of win-win situations. Strauch says this is way to ensure that you as well as your partners and clients end up with the very best deal.


Samuel Strauch As A Part Of The Mecca Of Real Estate

Mr. Samuel Strauch is an active investor and businessman. He is based in Miami Beach, Florida which is the mecca of real estate investment in the United States of America. Mr. Samuel Strauch attended Hofstra University in New York City, US. He completed his undergraduate degree in business there before moving on to Erasmus University in Rotterdam and later to Harvard University.

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Originally, Mr. Samuel Strauch began his professional career in the field of banking but later decided to join the family business in South Florida. The real estate business was a great fit for Mr. Samuel Strauch. He excelled in his line of work. He went on to establish his own company in 2002 – Metrik Real Estate. The company is still in operation today more than fifteen years later. The company has its headquarters located in Fort Lauderdale Area, Miami. Metrik Real Estate has integrated a number of complementary enterprises in acquisitions, equity sourcing, management, development and brokerage of real estate in Latin America and South Florida. Mr. Samuel Strauch is the Principal Metrik Real Estate. He is also a versed investor in several in several restaurant businesses as well as internet startups. His hobbies include art and photography.

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Metrik Real Estate is divided into three main areas – Brokerage, Equity and Development, and Management. The company was greatly assisted by the realty company Affinity Realty Group, also located in Miami, Florida. Today Metrik Real

Estate has expanded exponentially and has offices in almost all of the states of the USA as well as a number of offices in South America. The company used to have a management division by the name of Level 5 Services but evolved into a joint part of Metrik Real Estate. The company achieved great success and it among the leaders in its line of work.

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