End Citizens United Looks To Make First Political Endorsements

The political climate in the U.S. has changed beyond recognition over the course of 2016 and 2017 as millions of people have taken to the streets of the country in a bid to have their individual voice heard on a number of subjects. One of the major issues that has begun to become a cause for concern for the majority of U.S. voters has been the rising level of financial donors pushing forward their own agenda using the Citizens United ruling from the Supreme Court to back the candidates of their choice. The End Citizens United PAC was created in the buildup to the 2016 Presidential election in a bid to raise awareness of the problem of wealthy donors having to much of an influence on elections at all levels, and to make sure the need to call on candidates to call on Citizens United to be overturned in the coming years.


End Citizens United has created a traditional PAC that does not benefit from the rules that were changed by the ruling that shares the name of the group seeking to end a rule change that has had a major effect on the way U.S. politics take place. The group has become so successful in a short space of time and struck a nerve with the public that in the buildup to the 2016 Presidential election End Citizens United the PAC raised around $25 million; the previous fundraising figure will be dwarfed if End Citizens United continues on its current level of donations that has seen $4 million raised in just the first quarter of 2017. A record breaking level of fundraising will see End Citizens United reach its goal of $35 million over the course of the current election cycle that will end in 2018 if all goes to plan for the group.


During its short life the End Citizens United PAC has made a number of major decisions that have affected the way the group is seen and the direction it will take in the coming months. In a bid to make sure its calls for the Citizens United ruling of 2010 to be overturned were heard, the End Citizens United campaign have made the decision to back Democrat candidates for seats at all levels of government; the decision to back Democrat candidates has been based on the fact left leaning candidates and donors are more likely to back the campaign, as has been proven with George Soros providing the highest possible financial donation available. In May 2017, End Citizens United announced its first round of candidates backed for the 2018 midterm elections, which saw Democrat candidates from 11 states and the District of Columbia announced as having the support of the End Citizens United campaign.


End Citizens United Is Backing Clinton

There have been a number of PACs that have been raising millions of dollars for Hillary Clinton during this election season. There is another political action committee that is backing her. But this one is dedicated to limiting the outside money and its influence in politics. This is End Citizens United which is endorsing this presumptive Democratic nominee.
This is a PAC that would like to overturn the Supreme Court decision of 2010. It was this decision that had removed all limits on various independent expenditure groups. This group is backing her as it has noted that she supports a constitutional amendment that would be able to overturn this court decision.
In fact, End Citizens United has confirmed that in the first 30 days after getting elected, she has committed to doing that only. One potential way in which she can do this is by appointing a Supreme Court justice. He would be able to support legal action.
In fact, Clinton has categorically stated that she is in full support of a constitutional amendment that would oppose Citizens United. She has been saying this since the early days when she started her campaign.
The Constitution of America requires that two-thirds of both the houses of Congress along with three-fourths of all the state legislatures need to overturn this kind of a ruling. Or else just two-thirds of state legislatures calling for a constitutional convention is also good enough is the amendment gets approved by nearly three-fourths of the states.
This is why it was important for End Citizens United to back a candidate who is supporting this campaign finance reform.
Do note that super PACs are not allowed to give directly to any candidate. They cannot even coordinate with any campaign. But they can always run ads that support any candidate. Or else there can be ads where they can criticize an opponent. This is their way to add to any campaign.
But in the case of End Citizens United PAC, its filings with the Federal Election Commission show most of its donations coming in the form of small contributions. Clinton has issued a campaign statement in which she has thanked the End Citizens United for its support. She has also laid out specific policies in order to reform the campaign finance.
These include appointing Supreme Court justices who are able to understand that this is a decision that has deeply hurt the Democracy of America. She is going to fight for various other progressive reforms too. These are the ones that campaign finance system. The disclosure requirements have to be made more robust. Steps have to be taken to ensure that even those who are not so rich or so well-connected can also run for office.